Summer Sessions

FAQ: What you need to know

Common Enrollment Block Explained. Hold
Unfamiliar "hold" blocking you from enrolling? You probably need to sign off on the Financial Responsibility Policy. Screenshots that show how to remove the block can be found on the 
Bursar's Website (scroll down to "Accepting the Student Financial Responsibility on SOLAR.")

What do I need to know if my instructor is using Blackboard?

Should your instructor choose to use Blackboard, you will need to log in to with your NetID.  All e-mail that is sent in Blackboard is received in your Stony Brook Google Account.   

Students are encouraged to visit our IT handbook / Student guide, available at:    

Who can attend Summer Sessions?
Students who attend other institutions and non-degree students as well as Stony Brook students. If you have been admitted for the Fall semester and have received your Stony Brook ID number and wish to enroll in summer classes, please call 631.632.6175.

Can high school students take summer classes?
If you are a high school student who will complete your junior year in June and your grade point average is 85 or higher, you may take selected introductory (100-level) classes as a visiting Summer Sessions student. Submit the visiting undergraduate student application.

Can visiting international students take summer classes?
Students, who currently hold a valid F-1 visa and attend a US institution are eligible to take summer courses, as long as they have obtained permission from their home institution. Students who currently reside and attend school outside the US (and do not already hold an F-1) may be eligible to take summer courses. Please visit the International Summer School web site for more information. The Summer Sessions office does not issue I-20's.

How do I register for classes?

Stony Brook students enroll through SOLAR. Visiting students must submit the undergraduate or graduate application, wait to receive their Stony Brook ID number and then enroll through the SOLAR System.

What is the SOLAR System?

This is Stony Brook's online student records system. You can register for, drop, and pay for your classes. You can also use it to view your class schedule, to see where your classes meet, and to view your grades at the end of the summer.

How many credits can I register for? All students may enroll in 9 credits maximum per session for a total of 18 in all summer sessions.

Why do I need a Stony Brook ID number?
You will need this number to register and pay for classes, review and print your class schedule, view your grade (s) and request a transcript be sent to another institution on the SOLAR System.

What do I do if I have forgotten my ID number?
If you have forgotten your ID number you must come in person to the Registrar's office and provide us with a photo ID for proof of your identity. If you have forgotten your password for the SOLAR System click on the link Forgot Your Password when you receive the error message and follow the directions to choose a new one.

How do I find a course description?
SOLAR Systemwhere you can search for classes, locations of classes and course descriptions. You do not need a Stony Brook ID number, just use the Public Access links on the SOLAR homepage and choose class search or course catalog.

How can I check my schedule and find where my class meets?
SOLAR System with you Stony Brook ID number and password and choose from the Records and Enrollment category for your class schedule.

Will I automatically be dropped from my class if I never attend?

No you will not be dropped from Summer Session courses for non-attendance. You must drop your course(s) on the
SOLAR System, or you will be liable for all charges, including late fees.

Is Financial Aid available for the summer?
It may be. If you attend Stony Brook during the academic year check with Stony Brook's Financial Aid office. If you attend another institution, check with its Financial Aid office.

Should I register for the Graded Pass No Credit option in the summer?
If you are a visiting student ask you home institution whether or not they will accept a "P" on your transcript. Stony Brook students should refer to the Pass/No Credit policy detailed in the Undergraduate Bulletin. All summer students are limited to four (4) P/NC credits during the entire summer.

How can I have a transcript sent to the school I attend during the academic year?

Stony Brook students can now order and track Official Transcripts via SOLAR. Login to SOLAR and follow the link "Request Official Transcript"

The Registrar can send an official transcript to your school upon receipt of your written request and a fee of $10.00, provided your account has been paid in full. Wait until your grades are available on the SOLAR System. You may download the Transcript Request Form from the University Registrar's web site.

Where can I park and do I really need a parking permit?

Summer visiting students can purchase a summer only permit to park in the Brown Zone Stadium Lot. Paid parking is also available in the Administration Parking Garage.

For more information on summer transportation and parking at Stony Brook University, please visit the Parking Permit web site.

Where can I eat on campus in the summer?
Check the Campus Dining web site for all of the open dining areas on campus in the summer. The Student Activities Center cafeteria, located on the Academic Mall is open daily 7:30 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Thursday and until 8:00 pm on Friday's.

Why do I need a campus ID card?

You need this card to participate in a summer meal plan, check books out of the library, use the fitness center and gym, and to receive any student discounts. You will need your Stony Brook ID number to obtain a campus ID card.

Are pre-requisites enforced for visiting students in summer?

Many courses enforce pre-requisites during summer, however, the decision is at the instructor level. If you are unsure of your preparedness for your course please discuss with the instructor on the first day of class.

Where can I  access a computer and/or print

Stony Brook provides computer labs for all students called SINC Sites.    All students have a print quota of 280 pages a week and can print from anywhere and release their print jobs in the SINC Sites.  Also, if you prefer to use your own computer and need access to software , you can connect to the virtual SINC Site.