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Summer 2014 in Madagascar

Program Type: Group experience led by SBU faculty

Dates: July 7 - August 16, 2014

Program Description:
The Madagascar Study Abroad Program has been running since 1998 as an undergraduate course through Stony Brook University. Stony Brook University is a leader in the fields of anthropology, as well as ecology and evolution. Nine credits can be earned through participation in this program. Courses will conducted by resident and visiting professors of Ornithology, Entomology, Ichthyology, Limnology, Botany, Anthropology, Zoology, and Primatology. Students work alongside Malagasy and foreign students and scientists, and research station staff, with guidance from field course professors. Your independent research will contribute to our understanding of Ranomafana National Park and the link between the Park and the people of the region.

Find out more about our distinguished faculty, Dr. Patricia Wright.

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Program Highlights:

  • Anthropology, Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecology, Environmental Sciences Primatology, and Wildlife Studies
  • Join the Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments (ICTE) for a semester abroad in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar
  • Credits awarded through Stony Brook University

Undergraduate Courses Offered:

Students will take all three of the following for a total of 9 credits:

  • ANT 305 Culture and Language of Madagascar (3 credits)
  • Students will attend formal classes with native Malagasy speakers employed by the Centre ValBio to learn about Malagasy history, culture and language. Outings to meet with local community and school groups and the participation in a variety of cultural activities within the towns and villages that surround RNP with give students an opportunity to practice their skills and expand their understanding of what it means to be Malagasy.
  • ANP 307 Comparing Ecosystems in Madagascar (3 credits)
  • A cross-country trip will provide students with the opportunity to examine and compare ecosystems as diverse as rainforest, dry deciduous forest, spiny desert, mangrove swamps and coral reefs. At each stop, students will learn about the evolutionary adaptations that make the region unique and current conservation threats to local biodiversity.
  • ANP 487 Independent Research in Physical Anthropology (3 credits)
  • Students will participate as a group in an ongoing project at Centre ValBio. Projects available will vary by year, but may include topics such as health and disease, education, ecological monitoring, invasive species, and medicinal plants.

Service Learning:
There will be an educational experience requiring students to participate in an organized service activity in the local community and a formal reflection on this activity

Health Insurance:
International coverage through the SUNY provider, HTH Worldwide, is mandatory and included in the Program Fee

Program Costs:

  • $60 Application Processing Fee
  • $200 Administrative Fee (non-refundable)
  • Tuition costs: $245 per credit for New York residents, $742 per credit for non-residents
  • Program Fee: $3500 (includes housing, two meals per day, group excursions, and international health insurance)
  • $2,100-$2,600 (approximately): Airfare cost varies, but All participants will fly as a group with the program director. Flights will be organized by ICTE, and upon acceptance, students will be given the necessary flight information and will purchase tickets individually. Students are encouraged to pay as soon as the flight information becomes available.
  • *All Fees subject to change


  • Language proficiency is NOT required. 
  • All undergraduates in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or higher) may apply.
Application Deadline:
  • *Application deadline has been extended to April 15, 2014*
  • Applicants are notified of an admissions decision on a rolling basis, so the sooner one applies, the sooner one can receive a decision!
  • Late applications considered at the Program Director’s discretion.
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Erin Achilles
Study Abroad Coordinator
Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments  
SBS Building, 5th Floor, Room N-541 
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4364
(631) 632-7813 

Jennifer Green
Study Abroad Advisor
International Academic Programs and Services
Stony Brook University
E1340 Melville Library
Stony Brook, NY 11794