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Q - Which program is most appropriate for my major?
A - There is not necessarily a linear relationship between one’s major and one’s choice of overseas program.  Our advisors can help determine which opportunity best fits a student’s academic goals.

Q - How can I make my international experience affordable?
A - Study Abroad and Exchange works closely with the Office of Student Financial Aid Services to help Stony Brook students make their overseas experience affordable.  In most cases (excluding Winter Session), a student’s existing financial aid may be applied to the cost of a program.

Q - Are foreign language skills required?
A - Language proficiency is not required for Study Abroad/Short-Term programs, however, in many cases, students have the option of taking language courses.  English is the primary language of instruction at many of SBU’s partner universities for International Exchange/Long-Term programs.

Q - How does the coursework apply to my academic plan?
A - Study Abroad and Exchange offers something for every student.  Depending on the program, participants may earn Diversified Education Curriculum (DEC), major/minor, or upper-division credits.

Q - What are the benefits to participating in one of these programs?
A - Less than 5 percent of American undergraduates study overseas.  By participating in one of our programs, students become a part of this elite minority prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.

Q - When should I apply for my visa?
A - If your program requires you to apply for a visa, you will receive instructions from your advisor here at Stony Brook, or from the Partner University to which you are applying.  If you do not receive visa information with your acceptance, notify an advisor.

Q - When should I purchase my plane ticket?
A - Your advisor will provide information on when to purchase your flight. Some programs require group flights, while others do not.  Those students who are attending programs with a group flight requirement will receive their flight information from their advisor. Students who are flying individually will be advised when it is best to purchase their flight.

Q - Can graduate students study abroad?
A - Graduate students can participate in select summer and winter programs, however semester-long exchanges are typically not open to this population.  Contact our office via email to find out which short term programs are available.

Q - Will grades earned overseas compute toward my cumulative GPA?
A - For Stony Brook Students: Grades earned while participating in programs at partner universities will not compute toward the cumulative GPA Please ask your study abroad advisor regarding the policy regarding grades earned while participating in an SBU Study Abroad/Faculty Led program. 
All non SBU students must check with their home institution regarding the transfer credit policy, how credits earned may apply toward specific degree requirements, and whether grades are calculated toward the GPA

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