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Bookmark this page as we will be adding new events as the term progresses. Participating in a webinar? Read these access instructions. Contact Kim Giacalone at or call 631-632-7896 with questions or program suggestions.

Upcoming Events

New Student Orientations: Fall 2016 (see below for Summer 2016 Orientation recordings)

Recent Events

New Student Orientations: Summer 2016

Phi Delta Kappa's Technology Share-A-Thon
Thursday, May 5 at 6 pm to 58pm ESTLecture Hall 2 in the Wang Center
The PDK Technology Share-A-Thon is a two-hour showcase featuring tips, tools and best practices from experienced teachers. Each presenter will be given just 5-10 minutes to demonstrate their best ways to integrate technology into their teaching. You’ll learn fascinating ways to enliven your teaching and better engage your students in the latest, mostly free, web-based tools for learning and teaching. Five-to-10 minutes is enough to introduce to you what’s available, and you can explore the tools further on your own (and with follow-up advice from presenters).
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Pursuing Doctoral Studies 
Thursday, April 7 at 4 pm to 5 pm EST; Room N-244 of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Building at Stony Brook University 
Once you complete your graduate degree in Higher Education Administration, what’s your next step? Should you consider pursuing a doctorate? What types of program options exist and what is the best route to achieve your professional goals? What’s the difference between an EdD and PhD? We’ll explore these questions and more as you consider your career path in higher education.
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The Higher Education Administration orientation webinars were held on March 24 and March 31. Contact for details.

New Student Orientations: Spring 2016

  • The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies orientation webinar was held on November 24. »Webinar recording and PowerPoint (PDF)
  • The orientation webinar for EDL and SDBL students was held on December 8. »Webinar recording and PowerPoint (PDF)
  • The Human Resource Management Program orientation webinar was held December 9. »Webinar recording and PowerPoint (PDF)
  • The orientation webinar for MAT students was held on December 10. »Webinar recording and PowerPoint (PDF)
  • The orientation webinar for AGC students was held on January 6.

Strengthening Your Interviewing Skills
Thursday, February 11 at 4 pm to 5 pm ESTRoom N-244 of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Building at Stony Brook University 
You've probably had interviews before: how did they go? Are you nervous about your next one? This workshop will cover across-the-board tips for reducing anxiety and making sure you're prepared, and also particulars you're likely to encounter when interviewing for jobs in higher education administration.
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Don't Go Broke Getting Your Master's!
Tuesday, November 10 at 4 pm to 5:30 pm EST; 2401 Computer Science (Grad School Conference Room) at Stony Brook University 
This finance-focused workshop will provide valuable information on how to afford life beyond grad school, paying back loans, credit scores and reports and any questions you might have on graduate school finances. Hosted by the Stony Brook Graduate School and School of Professional Development. Video Recording » Handout (PDF) »



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