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Phi Delta Kappa strives to prepare the next generation of educators as well as to serve practicing teachers, administrators, college educators, and those concerned about public education through a wide range of innovative initiatives based on visionary leadership, relevant research, and dedicated service.

The premier professional association for educators was founded on January 24, 1906, and is located in Bloomington, Indiana where its international office has been based since 1956. Since its founding, this member-based association has served more than 500,000 members in communities across the United States and abroad.

The association, a dedicated advocate for the public schools, maintains an extensive network of more than 650 PDK chapters in the United States, Canada, and nations in Europe and Asia. The association publishes the Phi Delta Kappan, the most cited education journal in the United States, and sponsors the annual Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools.

The association is governed by an International Board. Officers of the board are elected by the professional membership of the association. PDK is divided into geographic regions led by elected regional representatives. Regions are composed of chapters and elected officers who act to further the mission of the association. The association abides by the Constitution and Bylaws of PDK International and upholds the goals of its mission and beliefs.

The Stony Brook chapter of Phi Delta Kappa was established as a club in May 2007, and achieved chapter status within one year.  The chapter is sponsored by The School of Professional Development.

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