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Academic Advisement

Each MAT program has a director or academic advisor dedicated to that program. You can find his or her contact information on the same page as your program description.

MAT students receive advisement either by telephone, by email, or by in-person appointment.

To receive advisement by email, be sure to include your full name and Stony Brook ID number in the subject and/or body of the email, in addition to specifically stating your advisement questions.

Although you may schedule appointments with advisors as often or as seldom as you wish throughout your program of study, new and continuing students are individually responsible for meeting program requirements.

Personal Contact Information
Because communication with SPD, faculty, and various Stony Brook University offices may take place at a distance (via email), your contact information must be kept up-to-date. Students are required to update the SOLAR system with any address, telephone, or email update.

Two forms of supporting identification are required for a name change (one must be picture ID, such as a driver's license). Students may submit a name change notification to the SPD office via postal mail, email or fax.

Again, be sure that all of your correspondence contains your full name and Stony Brook ID number.


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