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Enrollment Procedures

All students enroll for their courses themselves through the SOLAR (Student On-Line Access to Records) System. SOLAR allows students to enroll in courses, place themselves onto waitlists for specific closed courses, confirm enrollment or course changes, and receive a complete schedule summary, which includes times and locations.

We have prepared some SOLAR System tutorials, which can be found on the the front page of the SPD website ( under "Quick Links."

Enrollment Period
Stony Brook students enroll for courses according to their "enrollment appointment," which is the date and time that the may first begin to enroll in classes. This appointment is determined by the number of credits a student has completed and/or whether the student falls into a priority group. Because online students are limited as to which courses they may take, they receive priority enrollment status and can enroll typically one day before the traditional students.

As a rule of thumb, the enrollment period begins in mid-to-late November for the Spring, and early-to-mid-April for Summer and Fall. We'll post reminder notices on the SPD Website as the enrollment period approaches.

For best course selection, all students are encouraged to enroll at soon as they they are eligible.

Eligible courses
Students who matriculate in the traditional degree programs my choose from courses that meet on campus or online (although priority registration is given to online students). Students who matriculate in the fully online programs may only choose from those courses that are offered via the internet through the SPD Online Program.

Each term, the course listings are posted on the SPD website at To make it easier, we post two separate listings--a complete listing of all SPD courses (face-to-face and online) as well as a listing of those that meet exclusively online.

In addition to the delivery format, online courses and face-to-face courses differ in terms of length. While they both begin at the start of the term, the online courses end after just ten weeks, whereas the face-to-face courses follow the traditional 15-week academic calendar.

As always, if you have any questions about any of the above, or if you have difficulty completing your registration, please let us know.

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