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Dean Edelson A Welcome from the Dean

Dear New SPD Student,

A commitment to expanding education choices for part-time graduate students has always been SPD’s most important objective. There are over twenty graduate degree or advanced graduate certificates available in a variety of formats including on-campus in the evenings, on weekends, off-campus, in the summer, or online. Many students vary their course of study by combining classes scheduled both face-to-face and through SPD Online, not to mention attending school year-round. With our excellent faculty and dedicated staff, you’ll find your SPD-Stony Brook experience to be first rate, representative of an outstanding university recognized worldwide.

Being a part-time student requires the ability to compartmentalize your priorities, making sure you are leaving enough time for your studies without spreading yourself too thin. There will be times when it all seems overwhelming, but I urge you to persevere. I guarantee the rewards will justify the extra effort.

With best wishes for a successful semester,

Dr. Thomas Sexton, Interim Dean


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