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Master of Library Science Courses

Start Your Degree at Stony Brook — Finish at Queens College, St. John's University or LIU-Post

Stony Brook University holds articulation agreements that provide students the opportunity to take up to four core library science courses on the Stony Brook campus at SUNY tuition and transfer these courses into the library and information science degree programs offered at Queens College and St. John's University (Oakdale campus).

As long as the student attains a "B" or better, the credits for each course will transfer upon acceptance into the MLS or MLIS program. If the student takes all four of our offerings, he/she will have completed one third of the requirements for graduation with a Master of Library Science. In addition, LIU–Post will also accept 6—9 credits earned at Stony Brook into their MS-LIS program.


None of our classes have pre-requisites and you may take them in any order — one at a time or two per semester.

  • CEL 591 Fundamentals of Library and Information Science (offered in the Spring semester)
  • CEL 599 Technology of Information (offered in the Spring semester)
  • CEL 593 Introduction to Technical Services (offered in the Fall semester)
  • CEL 595 Information Sources and Services (offered in the Fall semester)

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How do I apply for the Library Science classes?

You need to apply online through the School of Professional Development (SPD) as a non-matriculated student. There is an application fee and you will need to give information about yourself. Once you are accepted you will be given a student ID number and you will be able to register online.

When are the classes given?

We offer two courses each in the Fall and Spring. Each class meets one night a week for three hours (5:30-8:30) and runs for 14 weeks.

Where are the classes given?

Most classes meet in the Melville Library Building on the West Campus of Stony Brook University. Always check the posted schedule for room numbers.

Are any courses offered in the summer?

As of right now, classes are offered only in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Do I have to take the courses in any order?

No. You may take the classes in any order.

When would I apply to the MLS or MLIS programs?

You would apply to Queens College in the middle of your last semester here at Stony Brook. As long as you have earned at least a "B" in each class, the 12 credits will automatically travel with you. For St. John’s and C.W. Post, you should contact them to verify their procedures and requirements.

Will all of my credits be accepted at Queens, St. John’s and LIU-Post ?

  • Queens accepts all four courses (our program is actually the core program of Queens College)
  • St. John’s accepts all 12 credits
  • LIU-Post accepts 6-9 credits, so it is very important that you contact them early in your studies here

Is Stony Brook going to offer more courses toward the MLS?

At the moment we only offer the four courses. However, expansion of the program has been under discussion. Stay tuned!



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