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Library Science Courses

CEL 560 School Media Specialist and Teacher As Partners 
An introduction to the concepts and processes of collaborative research and curricular projects involving both the school librarian/media specialist and the classroom teacher. Emphasis will be placed on co-teaching responsibility and project development. This course will cover NYS curriculum for grades 1-9. Students will be responsible for reading and discussing current articles on co-teaching and project oriented classrooms.

CEL 561 Use of Picture Books in the Collaborative Classroom
An introduction to the use of picture books in all units of study through curricular projects which can be collaboratively developed and implemented by the school librarian/media specialist and the classroom teacher. Emphasis will be placed on co-teaching and project development, a skill that is better learned through modeling and example than as a purely theoretical paradigm. This course will cover NYS curriculum for grades K-12 (e.g. Common Core and SLO's).

CEL 591 Fundamentals of Library and Information Science
An historical introduction to librarianship and information science as a profession; professional literature; types of libraries and information agencies, and their roles and structures; conservation and dissemination of knowledge to various populations; nature of research in library and information science. 

CEL 599 Technology of Information
CEL 599 has been designed to teach the basic skills of computer concepts and Microsoft Office. It begins with computing fundamentals, in which the student will learn computer hardware, peripheral devices, software, Microsoft® Windows, and files. The next focus is on key applications, starting with an overview of application software. Again, it will include, but not be limited to: networks, email, streaming video and Web browsing.

CEL 593 Introduction to Technical Services
This course will have two main emphases. The first is the principles of providing access to known items using the current cataloging code. The second is the provision of subject access through subject heading lists and classification systems. There will be practical exercises in all areas of cataloging. In addition we will discuss the functions of the acquisitions and cataloging departments and all of the current issues facing Technical Services in the 21st century.

CEL 595  Information Sources and Services
This introductory course offers the student an opportunity to develop a basic knowledge of print and electronic reference tools used in library and other information settings. Students are given the opportunity to examine print and electronic sources designed for answering a wide variety of questions. The course also covers issues relating to reference services and the reference interview, including customer service, ethical delivery of services, varying reference service modalities, and service in an evolving multicultural information society.

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