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Collaborative Teaching Students

Building Partnerships for Common Core Implementation

Stony Brook University offers graduate courses that address the issues and importance of the collaborative process between the Library Media Specialist (LMS) and the classroom teacher. This collaboration now takes on an even greater importance with the implementation of the NYS Core Curriculum, with its emphasis on non-fiction texts and the research process. This partnership has become integral to the success of all K-12 students. 

Collaboration is an essential component of the teaching process. While theories of collaboration will be explored, the emphasis will be project-based, with many practical applications both taught and created. All projects and lessons will conform to the NYS Core Curriculum.

The courses commence in the Fall term. More courses may be added to form an advanced graduate certificate in the near future.

Course Offerings

CEL 560 School Media Specialist and Teacher As Partners 
An introduction to the concepts and processes of collaborative research and curricular projects involving both the school librarian/media specialist and the classroom teacher.  Emphasis will be placed on co-teaching responsibility and project development.  This course will cover NYS curriculum for grades 1-9.  Students will be responsible for reading and discussing current articles on co-teaching and project oriented classrooms. (Spring semester)

CEL 561 Use of Picture Books in the Collaborative Classroom
An introduction on the use of picture books in all units of study through curricular projects which can be collaboratively developed and implemented by the school librarian/media specialist and the classroom teacher. Emphasis will be placed on co-teaching and project development — a skill that is better learned through modeling and example than as a purely theoretical paradigm. This course will cover NYS curriculum for grades K-12 (e.g. Common Core and SLO's). (Fall semester)


Will the Collaborative Teaching classes give me continuing education credit?

Yes. Each course is three graduate credits from Stony Brook University. Always check with your own district for their rules and regulations.

Is there a preferred order to taking the two courses?

No. The classes are stand-alone and may be taken in any order. At this time we offer one in the Fall and one in the Spring. There is some discussion about offering one or both classes in the summer. Stay tuned!

How will these classes address the Common Core Curriculum?

Each class session will address some component of the Common Core Curriculum, so teachers and media specialists can begin implementing these new strategies from their very first class.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

It is preferred for students to bring a laptop to class (or a tablet if it has a word processing app). If you don’t own a laptop or tablet, bring a flash drive to class and we will partner you with someone who does. We will be working in groups of two, three, or four for each class and assignment.

Who are the instructors?

Roslyn Mylroie, MLS, coordinator of Stony Brook University's Library Science Programs and Deborah Heinecke, MS. » View Faculty Information




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