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HEA Career Development Series

The Higher Education Administration Program, in collaboration with the Career Center, is excited to launch The HEA Career Development Workshop Series.  This series of workshops will provide you with career related advice and help equip you with the tools needed to successfully gain employment or help advance your career.  As you are part of a competitive pool of higher education professionals, it is critical that you participate in these workshops before you graduate in order to help improve your candidacy. The following four workshops will be offered each fall and spring both in-person or online via Adobe Connect. We look forward to your participation!

On-campus and Online

If you are local to the Stony Brook area, join us in the SPD Conference (N-244) in the Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) building.  If you are out of the area, join us online. Please use the online registration form below for each event that you plan to attend. Also, register ASAP — more details will be sent to students who register in advance for each workshop.  

The Presenters

Joanna Durso

Joanna Durso, Senior Career Counselor at the Career Center and HEA alumna, will facilitate the first three workshops. 

Rick Gatteau

Dr. Rick Gatteau, HEA Faculty Director, will facilitate the doctoral studies workshop.

Spring 2014 Workshop Schedule

All workshops take place on Wednesday from 4pm – 5pm Eastern in Room N-244 of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Building. Students who are participating online should read these access instructions.

Conducting an Effective Job Search & Networking — Wednesday, February 19
Welcome to the higher education job market!  Can you identify the schools at which you'd like to work?  Do you know where to find out about open positions?  And is it true that it's all about who you know?  This workshop will help you cast as wide a net as possible to catch your dream job!

Building a Strong Resume & Cover Letter — Wednesday, March 12
You can't get a job if you don't get an interview, so what will get you in the door?  Your resume and cover letter, of course!  These aren't just documents; they're an advertisement for you.  Like any irresistible commercial, they should make your future employer want to know more - and this workshop will show you how to do that.

Strengthening Your Interviewing Skills — Wednesday, April 2
You've probably had interviews before: how did they go?  Are you nervous about your next one?  This workshop will cover across-the-board tips for reducing anxiety and making sure you're prepared, and also particulars you're likely to encounter when interviewing for jobs in higher education administration.

Pursuing Doctoral Studies — Wednesday, April 30 (Note change of date)
Once you complete your graduate degree in Higher Education Administration, what’s your next step?  Should you consider pursuing a doctorate?  What types of program options exist and what is the best route to achieve your professional goals?  What’s the difference between an EdD and PhD?  We’ll explore these questions and more as you consider your career path in higher education.



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