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Course descriptions and current and upcoming course offerings are available on this website. For specific program requirements, visit either the Master of Arts or Advanced Graduate Certificate program pages.

Sequencing of Course Offerings

HEA 501 is offered every fall and spring semester.  Students must take HEA 501 in their first fall or spring semester of enrollment. The additional core courses and electives, can be taken at any time.  It is best to read the course descriptions and advisory pre-requisites to plan a good sequence of coursework.

The HEA core courses are offered every fall and spring semester, and usually during at least one of the summer sessions. The HEA electives are typically offered at least one or two times during the fall, spring, and summer terms. All HEA core courses and at least 5 HEA electives are offered online each fall and spring semester. At least four online courses are offered during the summer sessions. » View current and upcoming course offerings

Schedule of Course Offerings

Face-to-face classes are offered as follows:

  • Fall term – 14 weeks generally starting in late August and ending in mid-December
  • Spring term – 14 weeks generally starting in late January and ending in mid-May
  • Summer term – Two 6-week sessions running from late May to mid-July, and mid-July to late August

Online classes are as follows:

  • Fall term – 10 weeks generally starting in late August and ending in early November
  • Winter term – 3 weeks generally starting early January and ending in late January
  • Spring term – 10 weeks generally starting in late January and ending in early April
  • Summer term – 10 weeks generally starting in late May and ending in early August

Read the SPD Academic Calendar for specific start and end date information. » View current and upcoming course offerings

During the Fall and Spring semesters, face-to-face classes meet once per week, usually on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening, running from either 5:30 - 8:30 pm or 6-9 pm.

During the Summer Sessions, face-to-face classes meet twice per week, usually on Mondays and Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays, running from either 5:30 - 8:30 pm or 6-9 pm.

Structure of Online Courses

All online courses are conducted via Blackboard and operate in an asynchronous format. Students are expected to participate in online discussions throughout the week, but there is no set meeting date and time for the class. As such, many students find that online classes provide useful scheduling flexibility.

Online courses cover the same material and have the same requirements as face-to-face classes, except the online semester runs ten weeks instead of 14. Therefore, students should be prepared for the more rapid pace of the online classes. Students who are considering enrolling in the online program should read the SPD Online FAQs before applying.

Suggested Course Load

Each class is the equivalent of three credits. Because our program demands quality work from students, it is important that students evaluate their own circumstances related to the number of courses to take each term. Some students choose to enroll in only one course per term, while others may take three or four courses. Students with full-time jobs are advised not to enroll in more than two courses per term. Note that students may need to be enrolled in a minimum number of credits in order to be eligible for financial aid. Consult with the Office of Financial Aid for more information.

Project Seminar Enrollment

Project Seminar, HEA 595, is a research and writing-intensive capstone course in which each student develops and completes an original research paper and conducts a professional presentation under the guidance of a faculty member. Most students complete Project Seminar in their last term, but are eligible to enroll in the course once they have earned at least 24 credits. Project Seminar is required only for students completing the master's degree. HEA 504 Research and Assessment in Higher Education is a pre- or co-requisite to Project Seminar.

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