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Tracy Calvacca

HEA Student Honored by the Alumni Association

Tracy Calvacca Receives the Life Member Award

Tracy Calvacca, Higher Education Administration (HEA) graduate student, has been selected to receive the 2012-2013 Life Member Award given by the Alumni Association. The Life Member Award is a $500 scholarship given to Stony Brook alumni who are current graduate students that excel in the areas of academics, research, volunteerism, and leadership.

Dr. Richard Gatteau, Assistant Provost and HEA Faculty Director, taught Tracy during her first semester and wrote a letter of recommendation in support of her application for the award. He describes her as an "outstanding excellent writer, presenter, and communicator." Her transcript supports this assertion: Tracy currently has a 4.0 average in her graduate program.

In his recommendation letter, Dr. Gatteau characterized Tracy as being "very motivated, engaged, caring, and hard working." He praised her academic achievements and community service, noting that she has volunteered more than300 service hours to support a wide variety of events and programs. Contacted via email, Tracy wrote, "Outreach to the community strengthens my commitment to the University and enables me to serve in an ambassador role, setting a positive example for my team and my school." 

As an emerging professional, Tracy has already gained broad experience in a variety of campus roles, including Quad Assistant, Teaching Assistant and Graduate Assistant for Campus Recreation. She currently works as an Academic Advising Intern and Orientation Advisor where she is learning firsthand how student affairs administration can promote teaching and learning from a developmental perspective. "It is crucial in the higher education atmosphere to be open to learning every day in order to gain the best leadership skills. If one is learning, one is also gaining positive skills to implement in all areas of life.”

Tracy writes that the experience of winning the award is both thrilling and motivating. "Everything that I have worked so hard for in my college career is being recognized by winning this award...This recognition for my accomplishments gives me the confidence to pursue my goals. The scholarship motivates me to continue to succeed in everything I do."

The Life Member Award will be presented to Tracy on June 17, 2013 at the annual Stony Brook University Alumni Association Scholarship Golf Classic & Dinner at the Willow Creek Golf and Country Club in Mt. Sinai, NY.

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