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Advanced Graduate Certificate Program Requirements

The Advanced Graduate Certificate (AGC) is an 18-credit program that can be taken after completing a bachelor's, master's, or other advanced degree. It is a good option for someone who may not want to complete the full 30-credit master's degree, but would like to develop a solid background and skills in the higher education and student affairs field.

Current and upcoming course offerings are updated for every semester and can be found on the HEA Course Schedule webpage. For details on scheduling, course load, format and other important information please review the Higher Education Curriculum.

The AGC program has two components:

  1. Completion of the following four (4) core classes: CEK 501, 502, 503, and 504.
  2. Completion of two (2) CEK electives

Required Core Courses - 12 credits

CEK 501 - Foundations of Higher Education Administration
CEK 502 - Survey of College Student Development Theory
CEK 503 - Leadership in Higher Education
CEK 504 - Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education

Electives - 6 credits. Select two courses from the list below.

CEK 520 - Advising and Counseling in Higher Education
CEK 521 - Diversity and Higher Education
CEK 522 - Crisis Management and Prevention in Higher Education
CEK 523 - Student Affairs Administration
CEK 524 - Enrollment Management
CEK 525 - The Contemporary Undergraduate
CEK 526 - Career Counseling and the Psychology of Work
CEK 530 - Legal Issues in Higher Education
CEK 531 - Finance Issues in Higher Education
CEK 532 - Facilities Management in Higher Education
CEK 533 - Intercollegiate Athletics
CEK 534 - Philanthropy in American Higher Education
CEK 535 - International Higher Education
CEK 560 - Comparative University Systems

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