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Stony Brook University's Advanced Graduate Certificate in Coaching program (HEGIS 0835) prepares students to become New York State certified athletics coaches. Students will examine a broad range of issues that impact the coach in today's educational climate, including learning theories, social and psychological issues, principles of organization and administration, kinesthetic theories, injury care, and exercise and nutritional considerations. This program is offered completely online to meet the demands of busy professionals.
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For students who wish to continue their studies, this graduate credential may also be incorporated into our Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree program.

Academic Excellence
Stony Brook University, a member of the Association of American Universities, has ranked in the top 100 public universities by U.S. News and World Report and the top 100 best values in public colleges by Kiplinger. The University is accredited through the Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools. The AGC in Coaching has been approved by the New York State Education Department for both in-person and online delivery.

Course of Study
This 18-credit certificate program consists of 6 three-credit courses, distributed among the areas listed below.

Required Courses - 15 credits
CEP 502 Principles of Coaching
CEP 507 Philosophy, Principles & Organization of Athletics in Education (formerly: Administrative Responsibilities in Athletics)
CEP 513 Health Sciences Applied to Coaching I: Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries (formerly: Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries)
CEP 514 Health Sciences Applied to Coaching II: The Study of Human Movement (formerly: The Study of Human Movement)**
CEP 520 Theory and Techniques of Coaching: Sport-Specific Practicum (formerly: Athletic Coaching Accreditation) Prerequisites: CEP 507; matriculation in the AGC in Coaching program

Elective - 3 credits
CEP 500 Sport and Society*
CEP 508 The Concepts of Leisure, Play and Recreation in America*
CEP 517 Psychology of Sport*
CEP 518 Exercise and Nutrition (prerequisite: a course in anatomy and physiology or CEP 514)**
HEA 533 Intercollegiate Athletics in Higher Education

*Also meets the SBLS requirement for the MALS degree
**Also meets the NSLS requirement for the MALS degree

All certificate requirements must be completed within three (3) years from the semester date of admission as a matriculated student. NOTE: If the certificate program is taken in collaboration with a graduate degree program, then the student has five years for completion of the certificate.

NOTE:When a student is admitted or readmitted to an SPD degree or certificate program, students may petition SPD to have Stony Brook University graduate level courses that are older than five (5) years, and no older than 10 years, individually evaluated by the appropriate academic department/faculty to determine if the credits may be applied toward current SPD degree/certificate requirements. Grades in such courses must be "B" or better. (B- grades are ineligible for review.) For transfer credits from external institutions, please see guidelines at: (PDF).


Tuition and Fee Information

Tuition and fee information is published on the Bursar's website. This program is eligible for financial aid. (View mandated Gainful Employment Disclosure Information).

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How to Apply

Stony Brook University applications are accepted online. » How To Apply

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Contact Information

Samuel Kornhauser, Coordinator
School of Professional Development
Telephone: (631) 632-7198

Application questions should be directed to the SPD Admissions and Student Services Office at
631-632-7050 (option 1) or

Statement of Student Responsibility
Students themselves—whether new, returning, or continuing—are responsible for reviewing, understanding, and adhering to their degree and/or certificate program requirements. (SPD’s non-matriculating [non-degree] graduate students [GSP] are responsible for adhering to the guidelines related to non-matriculated status.) All SPD students are responsible for reviewing, understanding, and complying with University and SPD regulations, policies, and procedures, as described in all official publications, the University website, and the SPD website, including, but not limited to, SPD’s online references, the SPD Bulletin and SPD Academic Calendar.








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