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SPD Spring 2014 Academic Calendar

This calendar addresses SPD students and SPD courses only. The information does not apply to undergraduates, graduate students matriculated in the Graduate School or HSC, or those students who are participating in an off-campus co-hort. This calendar was accurate as of 2/28/14 and is subject to changes and updates.

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January 27, Monday:

On-campus and all SPD Online classes begin.

Late registration begins; a $50 late fee applies.

Last day students can place themselves on a waitlist for SPD Online courses only. Reminder: Students who place themselves on a waitlist and change their intent to enroll, MUST DROP themselves from the waitlist. If students are enrolled from the waitlist, students are responsible for any Tuition Liability incurred.

January 29, Wednesday: Senior Citizen Auditing Program registration. Registration takes place in the SBS Building, Room S-102, from 10 am to 2 pm Visit Senior Auditing for more information.

January 31, Friday (by close of business, 4 pm):

Last day to add SPD Online 10-week courses.

Last day for students to place themselves on a waitlist for an on-campus course.



February 1, Saturday: First day of Saturday classes.

February 2, Sunday: Last day to drop a class or withdraw from the University without tuition liability. Drops must be done via SOLAR System, as service offices are closed on weekends. SPD students are able to drop down to zero credits via the SOLAR System (no petition is required).

February 10, Monday (by close of business, 4 pm):

Last day to drop or withdraw from the University without a "W" (withdraw) recorded on student record. Course cancellations (removing a course from the transcript/academic record) are not possible after this date. Students may continue to withdraw from face-to-face courses using SOLAR until April 4; students may continue to withdraw from SPD Online ten-week courses until February 14. (NOTE: Students MUST withdraw themselves using SOLAR; academic petitions will not be accepted until after the withdrawal deadlines). Students granted permission via the academic petition process to make changes to their registration/enrollment after this date will be assessed a petition fee. Tuition liability remains applicable.

Last day to process a swap without a petition (by close of business, 4 pm). Tuition liability may apply if student reduces credit load.

February 11-17, Tuesday-Monday (by close of business, 4 pm): Swaps. For swaps between these dates, students MUST petition SPD. If student reduces credit load after February 2, tuition liability will apply. Swaps are processed for on-campus courses only (the last day to register for or swap into an online course is January 31).

February 17, Monday (by close of business, 4 pm):

Last day to add classes (except for SPD Online ten-week courses -- see January 31). End of late registration.

Last day to withdraw from a SPD Online ten-week course (a "W" will be recorded). After this date, students must petition the SPD Committee on Academic Standing (PDF) to withdraw. Please note the tuition liability schedule before processing your withdrawal.




March 1, Saturday:

Deadline for Spring (May) and Summer (August) degree and certificate candidates to apply for graduation and be included in the commencement publication. SPD students MUST apply for graduation whether they plan to attend Commencement ceremonies or not. If a student does not apply for graduation, the degree or certificate will NOT be conferred.

Candidates for graduation must apply via the SOLAR System; go to Academic Records>Apply for Graduation. After this date, late applicants cannot apply via SOLAR; they must contact SPD's Office of Graduation and Certification (

March 12, Wednesday:

Last day for removal of Incomplete grades from the Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 terms. After this date, all "I"/Incompletes will revert to "I/F". The "F" is then calculated into the student's GPA.

March 14, Friday:

Last day to apply for Spring graduation via SOLAR. The names of late applicants will not be included in the commencement publication. Also, applications received by SPD after the published deadline will not be evaluated until all other candidates for graduation have been processed. This may result in a significant delay. After this date, students must contact SPD's Office of Graduation and Certification (

Visit Graduation Information for complete details.

March 17-23, Monday-Sunday: Spring Recess. Face-to-face classes will not be in session. Classes resume Monday, March 24.



April 4, Friday (by close of business, 4 pm):

Last day for SPD students to withdraw from one or all on-campus courses ("W" will be recorded). Students withdraw via SOLAR; petition is NOT required. See Tuition Liability Schedule. After this date, students must petition the SPD Committee on Academic Standing for changes or withdrawals.

April 6, Sunday: Last day of SPD Online ten-week courses.

April 7, Monday (tentative): Advance registration begins for Summer and Fall 2014 (matriculated students only). Schedules and instructions will be announced on the SPD website prior to registration.



May 10, Saturday. Last day for Saturday classes (applies to non-SPD classes only; see Feb. 2 entry for information on SPD's Saturday course).

May 12, Monday: Last day of classes for on-campus, Monday-Friday classes.

May 13-21, Tuesday - Wednesday: Final examinations for Monday-Friday classes. To view the schedule, go to Final Exam Schedule link at the Registrar’s Website

May 21, Wednesday: End of term.

May 22, Thursday. SPD's Graduation Ceremony. Details on the SPD Commencement page.

May 23, Friday: University Graduation Ceremony. Master’s and Advanced Graduate Certificates awarded.


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