Educational Leadership Programs

Educational Leadership Program Internships

Both programs — the EDL (combined SBL/SDL) program and SDBL program — have a six-credit internship requirement. EDL students fulfill this requirement by taking EDL/CEQ 585 Internship in School District/School Building Leadership and EDL/CEQ 586 Seminar in School District/School Building Leadership, while SDBL students take EDL/CEQ 565 School Business Internship and EDL/CEQ 566 School Business Internship Seminar. The courses must be taken concurrently over the course of one semester and one summer.

In addition, there are field hours embedded in each course through authentic activities. These field hours and EDL/CEQ 585 are typically completed through the school district in which the student works.


When am I eligible to complete the internship portion of the program?
Students are eligible to complete their internship after they have 27 credits completed (including EDL/CEQ 501, 502 & 503 for EDL and EDL Online students, and EDL/CEQ 501 & 502 for SDBL students).
When is the internship offered?
The internship is offered over a spring/summer or summer/fall term.
Where will I be able to complete my internship?
Students typically complete their internship within the district that they are currently employed. Students in the SDBL program will be placed for their internships by Dr. Robert Scheidet.
How many hours are needed to complete the EDL or SDBL internship?
Please contact Dr. Robert Scheidet, Internship Coordinator, at or at (631) 632-4584 to find out how many hours are needed to complete either internship.
When will I begin the process of applying for the internship?
Online and on campus matriculated students must notify Dr. Scheidet of their 27-credit eligibility in early November for the spring/summer internship and early April for the summer/fall internship. Cohort students do their internship as a cohort group.
What happens next after I notify Dr. Scheidet?
All students must attend a mandatory orientation meeting, scheduled as follows:
  • Spring/Summer Internship Orientation: On or about November 19
  • Summer/Fall Internship Orientation: On or about April 16

Online students will “attend” this meeting by viewing three videos on Blackboard. Dr. Scheidet visits each off-campus cohort of students eligible to do the internship.

When do I register for the internship?
No student is allowed to register himself or herself for the internship (585) and/or the internship seminar (586). Dr. Scheidet registers all approved interns.
When can I begin logging hours?
Not until all items are submitted and approved by Dr. Scheidet. This submission process, known as the Proposal Stage, is explained at the mandatory informational meeting.
I am currently in an administrative position. Will my internship be waived?
If a student is currently working in an administrative position they will not be granted a waiver for their internship. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the internship hours can be derived from work done in this administrative position.


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