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Dean Edelson's Publications

Books, journal articles and conference papers written by Dean Paul J. Edelson


Cover image from Dean Edelson's Book


Drawing on Experience in Adult and Continuing Education
Read an excerpt from Dean Edelson's latest book, published in December, 2005 by Krieger Publishing.
»PDF file

Adult Education in the USA: Issues and Trends
Originally published as "Weiterbildung in den USA" (2000), this monograph has been translated into English and is now available online.
»PDF file

Journal Articles

Book Review: Alone Together, by Sherry Turkle
From The Continuing Higher Education Review, Fall 2011
»PDF file

Quality University Decision-Making in Times of Crisis: Advice to Continuing Educators
From The Journal of Continuing Higher Education, Spring 2009
»PDF file

Continuing Education’s Abiding Challenge and the Need to Break the Electronic Circuit
From The Journal of Continuing Higher Education, Winter 2008
»PDF file

A Little Night Music: Observations on Being an Evening Student
From The Journal of Continuing Higher Education, Spring 2007
»PDF file

Conference Papers

Paper presented at the 11th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, January 8, 2013.
»PDF file

Supply and Demand Factors in Distance Education: Unanticipated Consequences
Paper presented at the 24th International Conference on Distance Education, October 2-5 2011, Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia.
»PDF file

Achieving Quality in E-learning: A Conceptual Framework
Paper presented at the Inter-American Distance Education Consortium conference on October 19, 2005. A revised version of the paper will appear in the winter issue of the Journal of Continuing Higher Education (JCHE).
»PDF file

The future of online Education in the USA
Paper presented at the University of Lapland, Finland, on January 12, 2004
»PDF file

International Collaboration in Higher Education: An Overview of Critical Issues
Paper Presented at the Virtual Educa 2003 Fourth Annual Conference on Education, Technology and Training
Miami, FL, June 18-20, 2003
»PDF file

Professional Accreditation for International Continuing Education
Paper Presented at the Association Mexicana Educacion Continua (AMEC)
Veracruz, Mexico, September 11-13, 2002

In this paper, Dean Edelson examines the internationalization of continuing education and the importance of quality control.
»PDF file

Strategy Formation in Virtual Education
Paper presented at the Virtual Educa 2002 Conference
Valencia, Spain, June 12-14, 2002

This international conference featured sessions on all aspects of e-learning. The dean's paper presented a framework for understanding the successes and failures of virtual learning programs in the USA.
»PDF file

This paper was also updated and presented at a conference at the Deutsches Institut für Erwachsenenbildung in Bonn, Germany on December 2-3, 2002. The institute has published the collected papers online in the PDF format. To read Dean Edelson's paper in English, go to page 22; to read it in German, go to page 23.
»PDF file

E-Learning in the USA: The Storm After the Storm
Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the University Association for Continuing Education
Glasgow, Scotland - April 9-11, 2001
»PDF file

E-Learning in the United States: New Directions and Opportunities for University Continuing Education
Paper presented at Indira Gandhi National Open University
New Delhi, India - March 2, 2001
»PDF file

Virtual and Face-to-Face Learning: Meeting Points
Paper presented at La Formacion Virtual En El Nuevo Milenio
Madrid, Spain - June 15-16, 2000
»PDF file


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