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Graduation Information

FAQs for School of Professional Development Students

All students must apply for graduation regardless of whether they plan to attend any of the graduation ceremonies.

Application Information

How do I apply for graduation?

Students apply by logging into SOLAR and clicking through the following path: Records and Registration > Degree Progress/Graduation > Apply For Graduation. You must apply for graduation before the posted deadlines at the beginning on your last semester. 

You will receive a confirmation message within SOLAR upon successful submission of your application.  If you are applying after the posted deadline date, the link will no longer be available in SOLAR, so you must file a paper application. (Please note that late filers risk not being included in the commencement publications.)

For late filers only (SPD will not accept paper applications while the SOLAR link is active):
» Master's Degree Graduation Application (PDF)
» Advanced Graduate Certificate Graduation Application (PDF)

How do I apply for graduation if I am enrolled in two programs simultaneously (e.g, Advanced Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management and the Master of Science in Human Resource Management)?

You must submit a separate graduation application for each of these program. If you are finished with the AGC requirements first, you may apply for graduation from the AGC without having to wait until you have finished your master’s degree.

When is the deadline to apply for graduation?

SPD's master's and certificate candidates should follow the deadlines posted below:





October 17

Educational Leadership and School District Leadership students beginning their internship in the Summer/Fall must file for Fall graduation, provided that they have completed all other degree requirements. 


January 15



March 2

Educational Leadership and School District Leadership students beginning their internship in the Spring/Summer must file for Spring graduation, provided that they have completed all other degree requirements. 


August 15


Combined BA/BS MAT candidates have a different process:

      • Contact our office directly at 631-632-7055 or for a paper graduation application.
      • This application will be applied for both the undergraduate and graduate portions of your program.
      • After SPD processes the MAT graduation application, the Registrar’s Office will process your undergraduate graduation application.

What if I need to change my graduation date?

If you apply for graduation and find out later in the semester that you will not meet the requirements (e.g., you drop or are missing a class you need to complete your program), you must submit a Change of Graduation Date form for a subsequent degree awarding period. Graduation applications are not carried over. 

Degree/Certificate and Transcript Information

When will my degree or certificate show on my transcript?

Degrees will be posted to your transcript within 2-4 weeks after the semester end date provided that all of your grades are posted and you have met all of the degree requirements. Auditing your degree program is a process that takes time, and no degree will be rushed or awarded on demand. If you are subject to deadlines (e.g., teachers who need proof of degree completion for certification purposes), we encourage you to allow yourself enough time for this process to take place. Also, although most online terms last for 10 weeks, the degrees are not awarded until the end of the full Spring, Summer or Fall semester.

How do I order my transcript?

You may order your transcript online through SOLAR. Go to Student Records & Registration > Academic Records> SU Official Transcript. If you would like your transcript to be mailed only after your degree is posted, you may order transcript in advance and select the option "Degree Confer Date." Once your degree is posted to your transcript, it will be mailed to the address you have indicated.

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are sent from the Registrar's Office to the address listed on SOLAR. Diplomas may take 4-6 weeks to be mailed to your home from the date of clearance from the School of Professional Development. You can view the ordered or mailed date of your diploma on SOLAR. Financial holds (such as from Student Accounts, Library or Parking Services) will prevent the release of your official transcript and diploma. You should make sure that all fees/fines are paid by the time you graduate.


What should I know about Commencement?

Stony Brook University holds its commencement ceremony in May and December, usually during a weekday. If you are graduating in the Summer or Fall you may attend the December ceremony; if you are graduating in the Winter, Spring or Summer you may attend the May ceremony. To accommodate the crowds of undergraduate and graduate students and their families, the May ceremony is held in the stadium or the arena. It features high profile speakers, a long procession, and much pomp and circumstance. Students should be aware that this ceremony is too large for students to be individually recognized (i.e., they will not walk across the stage and their names will not be called). Tickets for the event may be obtained through SOLAR. Information about Commencement is available on the Office of Conferences and Special Events website.

In May, SPD hosts a more intimate evening commencement convocation and reception for its students during which each candidate will appear on stage to be individually recognized. This ceremony will not conflict with the University commencement, so students may choose to attend both. The date and time of the ceremony will appear in the SPD Academic Calendar. Students who file for graduation in SOLAR will be mailed detailed information about this ceremony, including how to obtain the appropriate academic regalia (caps, gowns and hoods). » Details on the SPD Commencement Convocation

Contact information

School of Professional Development
N-221 Social and Behavioral Sciences 
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4310
Telephone: 631-632-7055
Fax: 631-632-2725

If you are an undergraduate, Graduate School or Health Sciences student please contact the appropriate school/department directly with your graduation-related inquiries:

Conferences and Special Events
Charles B. Wang Center, Suite 302
Stony Brook University Stony Brook, NY 11794-1603



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