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Self-Test in Basic Computer Skills

Some of our computer training courses require that students have basic computing skills before they can enroll. If you can confirm all of the following statements with a "yes," then you have the requisite skills to register for a course that has a "Basic Computer Skills" prerequisite. If you have even one "no" response, then you should not enroll in any course that has a prerequisite. Students who wish to gain these skills can take one of our introductory courses. Contact Amy Margolies for course recommendations.

Statement Yes No
I know how to create a new document in a word processing program.    
I can save a document into a folder that I've created.    
I can open a document that has been previously saved.    
I can rename a document without opening the application that was used to create it.    
I can use the "Search" or "Find File" function to locate a file on my hard drive.    
I understand how to move documents between folders.    
I know how to save a copy of a document.    
I can browse the Internet using a program like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Google Chromer    




Contact Information

For registration or content information, contact:

Amy Margolies, Director
Stony Brook Information Technology Center
N-231 Social & Behavioral Sciences
Stony Brook, NY 11794



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