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Stony Brook Campus Card

The Stony Brook "Campus Card" is more than just an identification card. It is also your library card and your access pass for using campus computing facilities. Printed on the card will be your nine-digit Stony Brook ID number, which you'll need to know to complete any kind of University transaction.

Complete details on card services, including instructions for obtaining your new ID, can be found on the Stony Brook Campus Card website. At this time, there is no provision for long-distance students to obtain a campus card, but online library services and free and discounted software are available to all registered students, even those who do not possess a card.

SPD Online Students

If you are matriculated in a fully online graduate program and cannot come to campus, you may obtain Stony Brook Distance Learner card. It does not have a picture or the ATM capabilities, but it does have your name, ID number and the library patron number. You may obtain this card by sending an email to SPD Online with your name, student ID number (which appears on your admissions letter) and the name of your program.



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