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Dean Edelson

A Message From the Dean

On the Occasion of Stepping Down as Dean

August 21, 2013

It is almost 27 years to the day since I first arrived at Stony Brook University as Dean of what was then the Center for Continuing Education (CED).  Throughout this period we’ve enlarged and diversified our offerings, adding distance education and other features designed to improve accessibility to higher education for part-time students. In many ways SPD has been at the forefront of continuing professional education and I am inordinately proud of what we, as a team, have accomplished.

On a personal note, I’ve enjoyed being Dean, especially teaching SPD courses, meeting and talking with our amazing students, and working with the most talented group of professionals I have ever encountered inside and outside of the classroom. My experience in leading SPD will without doubt inform whatever I do in the future and serve as an ongoing source of inspiration, optimism and enthusiasm.

Lifelong education, beyond being my career, is an ongoing passion. I look forward to continuing my research on adult career development as a Scholar in Residence and subsequently Dean Emeritus. Stony Brook University has been a veritable second home for me and I am delighted to continue my affiliation with this marvelous institution.

In closing, please accept my best wishes for a successful academic year.

Paul Jay Edelson, Ph.D., J.D.



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