Semester by the Sea

2013-14 Costs Per Semester

Direct Costs*
Payable to the University
NYS ResidentsNon-Residents
Tuition $2,935 $8,905
Room ** $3,798 $3,798
Meal Plan ** $0 $0
Fees *** $976 $976

* All charges are subject to change without notice.

** Currently, students at the Southampton campus are not required to pay for a meal plan.  Residential suites have kitchens and students purchase food and prepare meals independently.  In addition, mid-day meals can be purchased at the Student Center via the Amagansett Food Institute.

*** Additional course fees may apply.

Full-time students who do not have their own health insurance are required to purchase health insurance through the University.

For most recent costs, visit the Bursar's Tuition and Fee Rates webpage.