Meals and More - GANZO


Florence University of Arts has its own Culinary School, Apicius, and its own restaurant, GANZO

GANZO is more than just fine dining.  It is a cultural and gastronomic association that serves both international students and the local community.

Participants of the Florence Writers Workshop will enjoy a fabulous Welcome Dinner and Farewell Dinner at GANZO along with specialized dinner on the second night of the workshops (3 in total).

Participants will also take a class in the culinary arts under the tutelage of the Apicius faculty, where they will study, prepare and feast on their own amazing creations. 

Breakfast is included at the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo. 

For the rest of their meals participants are encouraged to explore the vast array of restaurants, trattorias and cafes throughout Florence – isn’t that half the reason you’re going anyway?