The Florence Writers Workshop 2015

Florence, Italy  - January 13-24, 2015

towerA metropolis of artisans for over half a millennia, Florence is so alive in the creative fields, it is impossible not to find something inspiring.  The architecture, museums, people and food provide a rich and nourishing backdrop to fuel your creative endeavors.

The Florence Writers Workshop stands as a writing and cultural experience unlike anything we offer.

Housed at the Florence University of the Arts, we have gathered a stellar faculty and shaped an incredible experience. While our writing workshop is the anchor of the program, field trips in and around the city and a compelling series of electives led by an internationally-renowned faculty round out your 10 days in Florence.

Electives and events may include: 

  • An Evening at the Opera
  • Faculty-led visit to the Bargello Museum
  • Introduction to Italian Style & Design
  • Faculty-led walking tour of Florence
  • Wine and Food Pairing Dinner
  • Introduction to Italian Language and Culture
  • Excursion to the Tuscan Countryside & winery
  • Cooking Class (and dinner) at Apicius Culinary School
  • Elective in Contemporary Italian Fiction
  • Elective in Michelangelo & the Medici Family

We invite you to delve deep into the artistic and literary life of the city that once nourished Dante and Dostoevsky and discover a renaissance in your own writing.

Residency Option:  Skip the workshop, park yourself at a cafe and finish that book.  While the other participants are in their workshop, use your time to complete a larger project.  Then join the group for all the electives and events.

Listener's Pass Option: For those wanting to live the writer’s life, but don't write, there is a listener's pass option which gives you access to everything but the actual workshop – which means more museums, shopping and espresso for you. 

Application deadline: Rolling Admission til Oct. 31, 2014