MFA in Theatre




“The program at Stony Brook Southampton is varied and exciting. This past summer, while teaching a master class in acting there, I found myself in a rich and lively community of writers, directors and performers.  It was an extraordinary well of creative activity where the instructors were all artists and the students knew they were in the presence of the real thing. An electric atmosphere!” – Mercedes Ruehl





“I love teaching in this program. The students are always bright, hard-working and inspiring. Playwriting students are also given opportunities to direct, which I think is a rare thing in most writing MFA programs, and so very important. I count myself lucky to be listed among the other artists who teach here (they're all amazing and accomplished), and the guys who run the program are committed and brilliant artists themselves.” – Annie Baker




"The Stony Brook Southampton MFA Theatre program is filled with delightful, motivated students and devoted teachers. Classrooms are laboratories of life and learning. The students are aware of the value of the program to their futures, and are eager to absorb everything the teachers have to offer." – Marsha Norman




"I was really so impressed by the wide ranging faculty, the diverse theatre approaches & companies, and the great VIBE at Southampton Arts. It's a great place, a place I wish I knew about when I was younger, but am so glad to be a part of it now. The program is generous and solid -- and the people running it CARE about the students." - Stephen Adly Guirgis





“[Program Director] Nick Mangano is a visionary. He is ahead of the curve, incorporating media, diverse cultures, imagination and physicality to the work of directors, playwrights, actors, and filmmakers. A new and exciting kind of collaboration is happening at Stony Brook Southampton. Nick and his talented faculty have created an MFA Program that incites, guides, and prepares artists who will be equipped and inspired to make a rich and original contribution to the theatre of the future.”  – Joanna Merlin