Southampton Writers Conference: New in 2014


Our 5-day and 12-day workshops now run concurrently.  This means some students leave after the first 5 days on July 13, while others arrive on the 16th and stay on through July 20th.  This change has the most dramatic effect on those looking to take more than one workshop per summer.  If you are looking for two workshops this summer, plan to take our Children's Literature Conference during the second five days.

Writers Residency Program

Peace, Quiet & Inspiration. Escape your friends, your family, your job and write, write, write. Spend 12 uninterrupted days breaking the back of your manuscript.  Work 24-7 (if you want) finishing your book with the Southampton Writers Conference as the backdrop.  When you need to escape your keyboard, enjoy electives, readings, craft talks & comradery. Then it's back to writing. 

Application Process

We've finally made the change to online applications.  And this year, we've made it even easier, because we made it free.

Apply away.  Click here for the application.


dorm shelter islandChanges to Your Stay

This year the Southampton Writers Conference has made some changes in order to better meet the needs of our participants.

In years past, the conference has included three meals a day and housing in your conference fees.  We have found that if we remove these charges we allow our participants greater savings and flexibility in their choices while on campus.


Rest assured the conference still offers food and housing.  The university dining hall will be open for a la carte meals. And participants can stay in our air-conditioned dormitories this summer.  You will reserve your dorms separately after you are accepted.               

For more information on these changes please visit the following links: