Creative Writing Minor


admissionsThe creative writing minor welcomes all undergraduates to participate in CWL 202 on a first-come, first-served basis. Registering for advanced writing workshops, however, requires permission of the program, obtained by emailing the director ( Include your SBU ID number, the course you'd like to take, and the name of your CWL 202 instructor, along with the semester in which you took it.

Graduate Workshops

Admission to graduate workshops requires a writing sample.

For courses during the regular term, email the director ( In the body of the email, include your SBU ID number, the course you'd like to take, and a statement of purpose, which should be a paragraph or so describing what you hope to accomplish in the workshop and what motivates you to apply. Attach a writing sample in that genre of 3-5 pages.

For courses during the summer term, apply to the Southampton Writers Conference. In your statement of purpose, mention that you are a creative writing minor at Stony Brook.