Manhattan Track

Manhattan? + Southampton = MFA

We're moving! This page is in the past tense until we have a new location. And possibly a new name. Although there is much uncertainty all around.

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The Manhattan Track has been a way for students who live in New York City to get advanced training in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, essay, memoir, and children's literature. The MFA program in Creative Writing and Literature offered a selection of courses in Stony Brook's Manhattan facility during fall and spring terms. For an archive of courses, go to Academics, click on the semester, and jump down to Manhattan courses.

Admission to the Manhattan Track was not separate from the Southampton program, nor was special consideration given to whether an applicant intended to do coursework primarily at one location or the other. In fact, a sizable minority of our students took classes at both. Please note, however, that students with Assistantships were expected to spend their first year in Southampton, and all New York City-based students must have completed at least 4 credits in Southampton to fulfill their residency requirement. This could have been done in credit-bearing workshops during July at the Southampton Writers Conference.

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Our current location was:

Stony Brook Manhattan
101-113 East 27th St., (midway between Park Avenue South and Lexington)
3rd Floor