Manhattan Courses: Fall 2014

Held at the Manhattan Facility: 101-113 East 27th St.
(midway between Park Avenue South and Lexington), 3rd Floor
Courses held in conjunction with Manhattan Writers Speak on the same themes.

For more information on any classes, please email:


minotCWL 510.S60 Forms of Fiction: Novel, Susan Minot

One characteristic of the novel is that casts a wide net in terms of form and its definition. In the course we will read a selection of novels with an eye to examining its aspects both classic and innovative. The primary focus in class will be on student work: either at the beginning of a novel or with work already in progress.  In examining sections we look at tone and building blocks of what proposes to be a larger work.

Wednesday, 5:20-8:10 (Class #87628)



bankCWL 540.S60 Forms of Creative Nonfiction: Memoir, Melissa Bank

In this workshop on the memoir, we will be figuring out how you can make your autobiographical stories as powerful as they can be, through discussing each other's work and looking at the masters of the genre.

Thursdays, 5:20-8:10 (Class #87627)




chandlerCWL 530.S60/TAF 651 Find Your Story, Write Your Screenplay, Annette Handley Chandler

This workshop provides writers with the tools to clarify all story elements for a viable screenplay. Writers will identify the spine of their story, the nine essential scenes, character arc and premise through analyzing and deconstructing screenplays and films. Scene construction and juxtaposition will be examined. With an existing script or a new idea, this workshop will help the writer outline a draft more easily and with greater success. All participants - whether writing an original idea or adapting material from a novel, a short story, poem - will be guided through the process in a constructive environment. Beginning and Intermediate Screenwriters.

Mondays, 5:20-8:10P (Class Nbr: #87319).

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.


blackCWL 565.S60 Special Topics in Writing: Writing from New York’s Street Art, Star Black

Street Art, as well as Hip-Hop, originated in The Bronx and became a global influence, including having an essential role in the fall of the Berlin Wall. It continues to mirror the population’s direct needs and opinions, and in New York City, there are as many opinions as there are New Yorkers. This course sets out to visit Street Art’s visual neighborhoods—Harlem and The Studio Museum of Harlem, the East Village, the Lower East Side, Williamsburg, Bushwick, and gallery walls in Chelsea. Students will carry cell-phone cameras and document what’s new, and then write poems, prose poems, or flash fiction inspired by the photos taken during class excursions. Students will create a final project containing both their photographs and original writing. The class will convene at SBM to share original work as it progresses. Students will need to plan a “coffee shop budget” for pauses during class excursions.

Eight Saturdays, 10:00A - 4:00P (with break for lunch): 8/30, 9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/11, 10/25, 11/8, 12/6 (Class #88809)