20/20/20 Film Program FAQs

Q: What does the two-semester sequence look like? How is it broken down?


In this first part of this project-driven course sequence, Writer/Directors craft a story into a short screenplay that is produced in Manhattan, Winter/Spring 2015. Over the course of this first semester, students achieve a greater understanding of the independent film business, studying script development, screenwriting, directing, and producing, and learning the business from industry professionals, including producers, agents, managers, lawyers, as well as distinguished filmmakers. Finally, with a “shootable” script and a working knowledge of the ever-changing independent film business, students will then turn to ultimate goal: hands-on, intense, DIY digital film production. Before entering into production, students complete a finished, approved short film script, scene breakdown, prop and location breakdowns, casting, and shot list.

Producers will begin with a first pitch, learn about script coverage & analysis, assess project worth, market place, casting, and distribution; create budgets low medium & high, and learn about financing options. They will create a sales document for your potential indie film final project, including: logline, format, writer, director, producer, possible cast, genre, budget, setting, rating/audience, and comparative films. Semester will culminate in a Final Pitch, including budget, financing and distribution plan of a feature project.


In Summer, the training is synthesized, focused, and put into practice. For 20 days at Stony Brook Southampton 20/20/20 Production Boot Camp, writer/directors will work from the scripts they have developed -- whether narratives, webisodes, or documentaries. Students will produce the short film they completed in Fall. To make the experience truly immersive, everyone crews on each other’s productions. The semester culminates in a screening. (Producers, upon instructor approval, have the opportunity to produce a Writer/Directors short film or develop their own).

Students will leave this second half of the course sequence with a completed short film.                 


Q: How might I qualify for Financial Aid?

To be eligible to apply for financial aid and/or student loans, you must be a matriculated student at Stony Brook University.  Students may currently apply for admission through the MFA in Theatre: Film Track, or through the MFA in Creative Writing and Literature. For questions about financial aid, visit the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services website at http://www.stonybrook.edu/finaid/.  After reviewing the information, you may contact the Financial Aid Office at 631-632-6840 or email finaid@stonybrook.edu.


Q: Does acceptance to 20/20/20 make me matriculated?  

Acceptance into 20/20/20 is step one. If you want to matriculate, you'd need to complete the application to the graduate school - with all the standard steps – Letters of Recommendation, official transcripts with date undergraduate degree conferred, etc. for either TAF or CWL. But once accepted into 202020, application to the graduate school is a formality as long as all requirements are met and documents are in order. All students accepted into 202020 will be required to complete an application. Students seeking graduate credit must apply online through either the graduate school or the school of professional development and submit the required application fee. Non-credit students apply online through the Film Program. There is no application fee for non-credit students.


Q: Is it still possible to matriculate for Spring?

Yes. We have rolling admissions up until 11:59 p.m. November 1 for students wishing to matriculate.

The applications are available online for CWL. Rolling admissions until November 1, 2014 for Winter/Spring 2015 matriculation.


(If you choose to matriculate, it’s also still possible to apply for financial aid up to the dates specified. Please contact the financial aid office at http://www.stonybrook.edu/finaid/.  After reviewing the information, you may contact the Financial Aid Office at 631-632-6840 or email finaid@stonybrook.edu.)


Q: I have completed all coursework for my BA, and am filing for Graduation, but will not have the actual Diploma until sometime next year.  I can obtain a letter from my Undergrad University attesting to the fact that to the best of their knowledge I have sufficient credits to graduate.  Is this sufficient for now?  

Yes, it is possible to be admitted on a provisional basis.  An official transcript with degree would be required before the end of the admitted term. 


Q: Can I take 20/20/20 + additional courses for CREDIT (e.g. CWL 530 scriptwriting, CWL 500 MFA writing) during SPRING 2014 WITHOUT matriculating into the University and then apply those credits toward a degree later?

Yes, but only certain courses and only a limited number of credits may transfer.  CWL 500 is limited to matriculated students. Per credit cost remains the same whether matric or non-matric-- matriculating allows you to take certain courses and have priority for enrollment for courses. (Non-matrics must wait until matriculated students register).   


Q: Can I obtain Student Health Insurance without matriculating ?

No. Student health insurance is available for purchase by full-time matriculated students.  Some part time students may be eligible to enroll.  Students should call  (631) 632-6331 for details.


Q: I don’t have an undergraduate degree. Am I still eligible to participate?

Yes. You may apply as a non-credit, non-matriculated student. College credit and grades are not awarded. Non-credit students do not receive transcripts and cannot apply for credit after enrollment.