Children's Literature Fellows


Children’s Lit Fellows earn an Advanced Certificate in Children's Literature from Stony Brook Southampton's MFA in Creative Writing and Literature. They do so through a 16-credit sequence of four courses, two long-distance tutorials alternating with two residential courses in an intensive conference format:

CWL 510 (4 credits): Forms of Fiction
CWL 575 (4 credits): Writers Conference
CWL 570 (4 credits): Advanced Writing
CWL 582 (4 credits): Publishing & Editing Practicum in Children's Lit

2017 Schedule

February 1 - May 15 (CWL 510): Work from home. Upon acceptance, Fellows are matched with one our children's lit faculty members as their first mentor. Fellows then receive a detailed set of writing assignments and deadlines for their completion. Fellows work on these assignments from home, submitting them electronically to their faculty mentor, who responds with a detailed critique. As a Fellow’s project evolves, the faculty mentor may create customized assignments to better serve the student’s needs.
July 19-23 (CWL 575, Writers Conference): Book your travel. Fellows come to Stony Brook Southampton for a 5-day residency, attending a workshop as part of the Children’s Literature Conference, itself part of a broader conference that includes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, playwriting, filmmaking, acting and directing. For more on this bonanza, click here. In consultation with the Director, Fellows will be placed in writing workshops alongside other children’s lit authors, but never more than 12. The workshops are supplemented by guest lectures, panels, mini-workshops and readings by authors of the first rank. After the conference, Fellows prepare a detailed prospectus of their final manuscript project from home and submit it to the Director for use in pairing them with their advanced writing faculty mentor.
September 1-December 15 (CWL 570): As with CWL 510, Fellows work in this course from home, submitting assignments electronically and receiving detailed critiques from their faculty mentors. In the interest of exposing Fellows to a range of editorial views, each Fellow will have a different faculty mentor for CWL 570 than he or she had in CWL 510, though the guidance will be just as rigorous. Advanced manuscript critiques will help Fellows develop, revise and polish their work in preparation for the final residency, where they will have opportunities to present their manuscripts to industry professionals.
January 16-19, 2018 (CWL 582, Children’s Literature Publishing & Editing Practicum): Only the 12 Children’s Lit Fellows are invited to this conference, making for an intimate culminating experience. Having completed their projects, Fellows are introduced here to the world of children's publishing. This 3-day residency includes two days and three nights at the Southampton campus, where the Fellows learn all about the submissions, acquisitions and publishing process, and celebrate their accomplishments. On the final day, it’s off to Manhattan, for a Fellows-only gathering during which they meet, hear from and pitch to agents and editors who specialize in children's literature.