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Manhattan Track Admissions

SUNY Stony Brook Southampton has a Manhattan Track for talented writers and filmmakers seeking advanced training in these fields. Students may earn an MFA degree by combining coursework at the Manhattan facility during fall and spring terms with courses at the Southampton campus during summer.

If you are interested in an MFA in Creative Writing & Literature, click here.

If you are interested in Film, click here.

We also invite applications from qualified writers, directors and filmmakers who want to take courses without enrolling in a degree program. If you would like to participate as non-matriculated student, click here .

Most creative writing Manhattan Trackers get their Southampton courses by participating in the prestigious Southampton Writers Conference, held every July. Filmmakers can take the Southampton course, Acting for Film with Mercedes Ruehl, during July as well. For more information about summers in the Hamptons, go to

For more information about admission to Manhattan + Southampton MFA, please contact: