Laundry Facilities

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Laundry facilities which consist of coin-operated and debit card-operated washers and dryers are conveniently provided on the premises of all campus residence locations. Students can save money by putting funds onto Wolfie Wallet and then using their ID card to pay for wash and dry cycles at resident laundry facilities. For answers to problems or questions, or to report a malfunctioning machine, call the "C-L-E-A-N" line at 632-5326.

Wolfie Wallet uses a stripe on the ID card that stores replenishable declining balance information. After adding money to the card through SOLAR, it can be used at residential laundry facilities in Amagansett Hall or Southold Hall.

If the ID card is lost or stolen, you do not lose your laundry account balance. To add money to your account, visit laundry services online. If the ID card is malfunctioning, go to the ID Office on the Main Campus in room 103 of the Administration Building or call (631) 632-2737.

Cash or Debit Card:   
$2.00 Washer Cycle    $2.00 Dryer Cycle

Wolfie Wallet:            
$1.75 Washer Cycle    $1.75 Dryer Cycle

Washer Cycle: 40 minutes
Dryer Cycle:   64 minutes