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The Sound Science ferry-based observing system is one component of a more comprehensive scientific research project. This project involves a joint research proposal from marine and atmospheric scientists at Stony Brook University and marine scientists at the University of Connecticut. The former is supported primarily by funding from New York Sea Grant and involves the development of a marine and atmospheric observing system on the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson PT Barnum ferry which traverses the central Long Island Sound (left yellow line). The latter is primarily supported by funding from Connecticut Sea Grant and involves the development of a marine observing system on the New London - Orient Point ferry which traverses the east end of the Long Island Sound (right yellow line). In addition, the latter also involves the deployment of a number of instruments that provide information on the vertical structure and characteristics of the water column (red icons) for a few weeks at a time during periods that are critical to the development and breakdown of vertical stratification (and thus possibly hypoxia) in the Long Island Sound. The collaborative nature of this project allows marshalling and focusing a greater set of resources so that a number of important Scientific Objectives can be addressed. Additional details and contact information regarding the participants and sponsors are given under People & Partners. Finally, general background information associated with the Long Island Sound and this project, along with a description of some of the project's secondary benefits, are given under Background.

A University, Government and Industry Partnership
SUNY-Stony Brook US EPA New York Sea Grant
Port Jefferson Ferry Company
For more information, contact the Marine Sciences Research Center, Stony Brook University, 631-632-8700
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