Agenda for Arts and Sciences Senate Meeting, Javits Room, 3:30 pm, February 17th, 2014

1 Approval of agenda.

2 Approval of minutes of last meeting (November 18th, 2013).

3 President's Report.

4 Report from A&S Dean, Nancy Squires on the state of the College.

5 Opportunites for faculty in the area of Alumni Relations: the \Great Minds" program (Janet Masini and Matthew Colson, Alumni Relations Office)

6 Wendy Tang on Open SUNY (The Electrical Engineering BS Online program's involvement and experience in OPEN SUNY.)

7 Other Business.

1. Minutes of last meeting (November 18, 2013)
2. President's report
3. UUP Document on Open SUNY for background



A&S Senate
November 18, 2013

I.  Approval of agenda:  approved.

II.  Approval of minutes from October 21, 2013:  approved.

III.  President’s Report (T. Sears)

  • Club Red will meet two nights a week until we can find out which day draws the most attendance.
  • The Administrative Review Committee will be posting the actual survey on the University Senate website in 2-3 weeks.
  • Members of the FRRP Committee reviewed the proposed Multilingual Intercultural Communication Center and are convinced that the MIC will represent a valuable contribution to the intellectual life at Stony Brook University.

Vote was taken to accept the proposal for the Multilingual and Intercultural Communication Center:  All in favor:  16 with none opposed.  Proposal is accepted.

IV.  Report on the results of the University Senate Administrative Review Committee Survey (R. Kelly)

  • Surveys have been held for the past 20 years every few years.  This will increase to bi-annual or annual.
  • There are about 100 questions.  In the past there were approximately 160 questions.
  • The Survey was administered by the Center for Survey Research which was funded by SB administration.
  • The question style is based on historical question set, are somewhat subjective, mostly not outcome based and measures perception more than results.
  • There was well over 10,000 comments (anonymous) with typically 3-5 comments per question
  • There were 793 responses (334 faculty, 377 staff, 82 hospital staff).  More responses the previous surveys.
  • Overall positive results.
  • Areas for improvement in administration:  President – involvement of faculty/staff in policy decisions and administrative management.  Senior Vice President of Health Sciences and Dean of Medicine – involvement of faculty/staff in policy decisions.  Provost - involvement of faculty/staff in policy decisions and administrative management.
  • Other areas of concern are maintenance of building (leaks, rodents, bugs), campus parking (including handicapped), faculty/staff dining and COEUS.
  • Deans scored well.  Faculty asked to evaluate their own dean.  Results not published for units with fewer than 30 respondents.  Results were published for the Dean of CAS and the Dean of the School of Medicine.
  • The report is available on the University Senate website.

V.  Report from the Dean of CAS (N. Squires)

  • There will be a State of the College presentation to the University Council on January 29, 2014.

CAS self-study:

  • It will contain the history and evolution of the College including recent history of the 4 divisions of the College, the uniting of the divisions and the mission.
  • A description of the College including the CAS structure (Advancement, Budget, Curriculum, Operations and Personnel) and College governance.
  • It will also include undergraduate education (e.g., demographics, majors and minors, experiential learning and analysis of programs) graduate education (e.g., programs, enrollments, schools, demographic and statistics, etc), and faculty (e.g., numbers by departments, demographics, workload, research productivity, etc.).
  • It will have a summary and analyses including undergraduate education, funding, advancement, graduate education and finances.
  • The appendices will include list of departments, programs and Centers, Department self-studies and the first bulletin (’58-’59).

VI.  Report from the Promotion and Tenure Committee (M. White)

  • From the fall of 2012 to the Fall of 2013 the PTC received a total of 43 cases with 36 approved.
  • There are no Library cases as of yet.
  • Files are now submitted electronically.  There will also be paper “masters”.
  • Currently use secure google email site.
  • There is recurring issues with inappropriate language in the reviewer solicitation letters.
  • There are also late responses from the Provost and non-CAS Deans to negative PTC decisions.

VI.  Old Business:  no old business.

VII. New Business:  no new business.

Submitted by:

Laurie Cullen


President's report
Trevor Sears
February 14, 2014


Summary of some issues discussed recently at Senate Executive Committee meetings and various other issues for February 2014 A&S Senate meeting.

1. A&S Senate Matters
Following is a list of current A&S Senate officers for reference:

President: Trevor Sears (Chemistry) (
Vice President: Margaret Schedel (Music) (
Past President: Eduardo Mendieta (Philosophy) (
Faculty at-large Representative: Robert Aller (Marine Sciences) <>
Professional Employees Governance Board Representative: Charles McAteer (
GSO Representative: Evgenia Sidorova (President SBGSO) (
USG Representative: Tyrik Jiang (
The current Standing Committee chairs are:
Promotion and Tenure Committee: Mike White (Chemistry) (
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: Peter Stephens (Physics) (
Committee on Academic Standing and Appeals: Ken Feldman (
Academic Judiciary Committee: Marie Human ( (Wanda Moore)
Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Policies: Bassam Allam (SoMAS) (
Senate Secretary: Laurie Cullen (
A&S Senate information is available at:

2. Updates on old Business

[Club Red] After a good start last semester, Club Red, which is an informal gathering held
4:30-6:30 pm on Thursday and Friday evenings at the Hilton Garden Hotel, has seen a marked drop in attendance. These meetings are intended to promote informal contact between faculty in different fields who would otherwise not normally meet. There is beer and wine at happy hour prices and (free) finger food. It is hoped that they are a precursor to a dedicated faculty and staff club building on the campus. The hotel has informed us that they are unwilling to keep supporting two evenings a week given the current level of interest.  Please RSVP to Laurie Cullen ( if you plan to attend in large numbers one evening, so we can have the right amount of food.

[Middle States Re-accreditation] Dan Davies addressed the recent University Senate meeting
and updated progress on the preparations. Main problems are in the areas of Institutional Assessment and Assessment of Student Learning.

[Senate Officers] We are getting close to the time that nominations for senate representatives,
officers and committee members are needed. Please think hard about this. For the health of governance, we need stronger participation from staff and faculty. Ask some of your colleagues if they would be willing to serve and come up with some names!

3. Administrative Issues

[A&S Dean Search] Since our current Dean, Nancy Squires will be retiring at the end of the
current academic year, a search has begun for her successor. The Provost has charged a search
committee with overseeing the search, together with an external executive search firm, Russell Reynolds Associates, who will handle the mechanics of the search process. A web site describing the position in detail, linked from the Provost's web pages, is available for everyone to view:

The search committee has been meeting regularly and has also met with Deans, Department Chairs, and many others to solicit their views and insights on the qualities desired in a candidate. Though still early in the process, the committee has received word that 63 candidates have applied for the position, with 14 considering. The committee anticipates being able look at the materials soon. The applications will be reviewed by the committee and an initial selection of some 12-15 candidates will be invited to attend interviews at the offices of Russell Reynolds in NYC towards the end of March. As a result of these interviews, a short list of 3-5 will be invited to visit the campus in order to make the final selection. There will be one or two open meetings of the search committee with University faculty, staff and students very soon, so that the committee can collect as much input as possible. There is also a link from the search web pages that allows for comments and suggestions.

[Provost's call for FAHSS proposals] The Provost is calling for proposals from faculty in the
arts, humanities and social sciences that will promote interdisciplinary research, among other things:
The deadline is February 24th.

[Provost's call for SBU-BNL seed grant proposals] Current major strategic initiatives are
in Energy (Smart Grid, Energy Production and Storage), High-performance computing, the Joint
Photon Science Institute (including structural biology), cosmology and biological/life sciences imaging research. Proposals for enhancements in other BNL-SBU collaborations are also welcome. Successful proposals in areas of high interest to BNL may be eligible for matching funds from BNL. Seed Grant Application.pdf  Due by April 7th

4. Stony Brook Safety and Security Report The 2013 annual report on _re and crime statistics is
available at:
This is dated 10/2013, and includes statistics through 2012. We hope that Barbara Chernow, Senior Vice President for Administration, will be available to comment on more recent numbers next meeting.