Arts and Sciences Senate
April 19, 2010

I.  Approval of agenda – approved.

II.  Approval of minutes from March 22, 2010:  approved.

III.   Provost’s Report (E. Kaler)

  • NYS has a 9 billion dollar deficit for this fiscal year.  The budget that was suppose to handle that was to be available the first of April.  The 9 billion dollar deficit is actually half of the 18 billion dollar structural deficit the State of New York has (the 9 Bil. is being covered by stimulus funds). 
  • Have not reached a firm conclusion on how to proceed with budget reductions.
  • Moved to eliminate residential programs at SBSH.  Moving majors to Stony Brook for the fall.  Net 6.7 Mil. in savings.
  • The Marine Station and MFA writer workshop program at SBSH will continue to operate.  We have capital money for the expansion of the Marine Station.
  • Justification for closing Southampton – cost of educating students without state supplement is simply too prohibitive of a burden for SB campus.
  • Cutting back on hiring for the fall of PT instructors.
  • Reduced operations at SB Manhattan location by ½.  We’ve terminated the lease on ½ the space.
  • The planning process for expansion for beginning operations in Korea Songdo will come to an end.

IV.  Election of new A&S President (A. De Chambeau)

We do have one candidate for the President of the Arts and Sciences.  Unless there are additional nominations from the floor, I’d like to suggest that we go ahead and elect this person by acclimation.  Eduardo Mendieta has agreed to run for election.  With no additional nominations, Eduardo is the new President by acclimation.

The other vacancy that needs to be filled is the seat of Faculty At-Large Senator on the A&S Executive Committee.  We have one nomination which is Bob Aller.  Voted in by acclimation.

V.  A&S Deans Report (N. Squires)

  • The Strategic Planning process began in January with the college.  Took a three month hiatus because of budget
  • Discussed personnel changes in last 7 years.  Undergraduate enrollment has gone up 18% since 03/04.
  • Question discussed at last Steering meeting:  How are CAS resources distributed? Graphs showed distribution of faculty, how many departments per divisions, distribution of faculty and majors, majors vs. degrees.
  • Tentative conclusions were:

More faculty in SBS and HFA (and many more departments and programs)
Students tend to major in the Social and Life Sciences
Large drop in Life Sciences from declared majors to earned degrees
Distribution of enrollments tracks faculty number

  • Effects of closure of Southampton:
  1. Faculty members on tenure track lines are being transferred to departments on main campus
  2. Same with term faculty and staff
  3. SB Southampton courses are being transferred (e.g., one section of HIS 365), with resulting tuition revenues being transferred to where the teaching is, as much as possible
  4. Special SBSH majors and minors are being reviewed by a provostial ad hoc committee

VI.  SoMAS Report (D. Conover)

  • Remains the only academic institution in NY that offers Marine Sciences degrees at the BA, Masters or Ph.D. level (since we acquired the BA degrees from LIU five years ago)
  • There 45 FT faculty and 6 Distinguished Professors.
  • We operate a fleet of research vessels and sea water labs that enable scientists and students to get out on the water for field research.
  • Mission of SoMAS is to increase fundamental understanding of ocean and atmosphere.
  • There are seven SoMAS institutes.
  • Nearing the end of the design phase for the New Marine Lab at SH.  Hoping to break ground by the end of the calendar year.
  • President Obama convened a U.S. Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force to create a national ocean council with a mandate to create the beginnings of national ocean policy for the country including implementation of Marine Spatial planning and implementation ocean observation systems. 
  • SoMAS strategic plan  ideas in draft stage

Joint program with Engineering and Social Sciences
Collaborating closely with the School of Journalism on the center for communicating science.
Locate NOAA regional climate office at SB

VII.  Academic Judiciary Report (G. Fouron)

  • Do not meet on regular basis. 
  • Been Chair for approximately 32 sessions.
  • Read Charge of AJC.

Wanda Moore:

  • Policies and procedures are on the AJC website.
  • Websites are checked daily for faculty/staff reports.
  • Past several years the process for receiving hearings has shortened.  Now the hearings are held within the same semester as the reports are received.
  • Students are called immediately when accused of academic dishonesty
  • The process was described in detail (see AJC website).
  • Report on AJC activity for 2009-2010 on website.

VIII.  New Business:  None

IX.  Old Business:  None

Meeting Adjourned.

Submitted by:

Laurie Theobalt