2015-2016 Departmental Senators

Department: Senator:
Africana Studies Georges Fouron
Anthropology David Hicks
Art Sohl Lee
Asian-American Studies S.N. Sridhar
Biochemistry Paul Bingham
Chemistry Kathlyn Parker
Cultural Analysis & Theory Patrice Nganang
Ecology and Evolution Daniel Dykhuizen
Economics Ting Liu
English Mike Tondre
European Languages Mireille Rebeiz
Geosciences Hanna Nekvasil
Hispanic Languages Victoriano Roncero-Lopez
Library Sherry Chang
Linguistics John Drury
Mathematics Mark McLean
Music Margaret Schedel
Neuro. & Behav. Giancarlo LaCamera
Physics Derek Teaney
Political Science Andrew Delton
Psychology Harriet Waters
School of Journalism Charled Haddad
Sociology Ken Feldman
SoMAS Michael Frisk
Theatre Arts Steven Marsh
Writing and Rhetoric  


NB: This is the official list of current Departmental Senators.  Any discrepancies or changes by departments should be reported to the President of the Arts and Sciences Senate.