Arts and Sciences Senate



March 1995

I.    The Committee will meet as frequently as necessary to conduct its business, usually once a week.

II.    The chairperson shall be elected by the Committee at the first meeting of the fall semester and will serve until the following fall semester. The Committee shall be represented on the Arts and Sciences Executive Committee either by the chairperson or by another member selected by the Committee.

III.    The secretary of the Committee shall be appointed by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

IV.    A quorum of the Committee shall be four voting members, of whom three shall be faculty members.

V.    A member who misses an unreasonable number of meetings, rendering his or her service ineffectual in the judgment of the rest of the Committee, may be dismissed from the Committee.

VI.    In order to parallel as much as possible the structure of the faculty membership, undergraduate students shall represent two of the three Arts and Sciences divisions.

VII.    In the normal conduct of business, decisions shall be made by consensus. When voting is necessary, a simple majority will rule.

VIII.  All agenda items must be submitted in advance through the Committee secretary.

IX.    The Committee normally considers curricular matters only at meetings of the membership. Only actions of minor consequence but demonstrable urgency may be submitted to a decision by polling individual members by personal contact, telephone, or e-mail. A decision to resort to individual polling must be made by the chairperson with the concurrence of two other Committee members, of whom at least one besides the chairperson must be a faculty member. Polling will be undertaken among the members only by the secretary, who will explain the circumstances and reasons for the polling as well
as the action to be considered. If any member declines to concur in the affirmative, or if more than one members cannot be polled for whatever reason, action on the proposed measure must be postponed and taken up at the next meeting of the membership.

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