CASA Report Spring and Fall 2003        


Submitted by Eduardo Mendieta





The Committee on Academic Standing and Appeals [CASA] shall interpret the regulations concerning the academic standing and enrollment of undergraduate students enrolled in majors in the Senate Constituencies and consider appeals from individual students. It shall also review these regulations and submit any necessary proposed changes to the Senate.




Humanities and Fine Arts:

Martin Levine               Art                   2-1049            9/05

Eduardo Mendieta            Philosophy       2-7577            9/04


Social and Behavioral Sciences:

Kenneth A. Feldman            Sociology         2-7743            9/03

Javier Auyero               Sociology         2-4884            9/05


Natural Sciences:

Nancy Hollingsworth            Biochemistry   2-8581            9/05

Daniel Davis                 Geosciences     2-8217            9/04


Professionals Elected:

Owen Evans            Registrar                     2-8061            9/03



Clifford Huffman            English            2-7385

Cheryl Hamilton             EOP/AIM

Brian McConnell             Academic Advising Center


Appeals Processed in Spring, Summer and early Part of Fall 2003


Total: 139


Approved: 39

Denied: 98

Tabled: 2