Report of the Academic Judiciary for 2002-2003

Prepared by Maria Doelger, AJC Executive Officer'

Submitted by John Shea, AJC Chair.


Summary of Cases Brought to the Academic Judiciary 2002-2003

A record 258 accusations were reported to the AJC (previous high was 171 in 2000-2001). 58 of the accusations were appealed.  Of the 54 cases which have been brought before a hearing board, 42 resulted in a guilty finding, and 12 resulted in a not guilty finding.  Four cases are still awaiting hearings due to scheduling difficulties on the part of the students.  16 accusations involved students accused of multiple instances of dishonesty.  14 cases resulted in suspension.  No cases resulted in expulsion. 


A breakdown of the types of offenses is as follows:

Internet Plagiarism                 131

Forgery                                  53

Print Plagiarism                      32

Copying                                 17

Falsification of Data              10

Crib Sheet                                8

Electronic Device                     4

Collaboration                            3


2002-2003 Activities