Resolution on membership of proposed course certification committee


March 11, 2013


In the documentation for this meeting, there is a copy of the resolution passed by the University Senate earlier this month. The present resolution addresses concerns of the A&S Curriculum Committee and the A&S executive committee with respect to the 4th and 5th bullet points in the resolution as approved by the University Senate. Discussion at the University Senate Executive Committee meeting earlier today reached consensus on these points.


The Arts and Sciences Senate propose that the membership of the ad hoc committee proposed by the University Senate in their meeting of March 4th, 2013 be understood to include the full membership of the current A&S Curriculum Committee complemented by representatives from Engineering, Business, Library and East Campus. The A&S curriculum committee secretary will act as secretary to the ad hoc committee and liaise with the Provost's representative.

Passed unanimously at the March 11, 2013 meeting of the A&S Senate