2004-2005 Report of the Academic Judiciary Committee to the College of Arts and Sciences Senate

Submitted by John Shea, Chair, and Maria Anderson, Executive Officer, CAS Senate Academic Judiciary

Summary of Cases Brought to the Academic Judiciary 2004-2005 (as of Tuesday, May 2, 2006).

194 accusations were reported in the College of Arts & Sciences and Marine Sciences to the AJC during the 2003-2004 academic year.  This is down slightly from the 203 high of 2003-2004 and from the all-time high of 258 in 2002-2003.  Appeals were up to a full 40% of accusations, more or less the same as last year.  Of the cases which were brought before a hearing board, 173 resulted in a guilty finding, 15 resulted in a not guilty finding, and 6 cases are still awaiting hearings as of 4/21/06.  4 cases resulted in suspension and one resulted in expulsion, -in all cases because the students involved were repeat offenders.

A breakdown of the types of offenses:

Offense Type






Falsification of data/regrade






Copying in exam



Crib sheet in exam















n guilty



Notes: Other = 1 attempted bribery of TA, 2 talking during exam, 10 other miscellaneous.

2003-2004 Executive Officer Activities

  • Efforts to educate students regarding academic integrity issues over the past year have included presentations to student groups, TA training sessions, varsity athletic teams, and SBU 101 sections.

Other Matters (2005-2006 academic year)
Search for a New Academic Integrity Officer.  Maria Anderson (formerly Doelger) officially stepped down as AJC Executive Officer in January.  A search was initiated for a replacement Academic Intergrity Officer who will be a provostial appointment.  The first search failed (candidate declined job offer) and a second search is now underway.  During this interregnum, hearings have been officiated by Maria Anderson, Don Lindsley, and John Shea on a rotating basis.

Proposal to enlarge the membership of the AJC. In April 2006, after consulting with the CAS Senate Steering Committee, it was proposed to the current AJC membership that the committee be expanded by three members, one each from the Business School and the Journalism Program as well as Athletics.  The rationale  for this proposal is outlined below:
Business:  Nearly every university survey of academic dishonesty identifies business programs as the epicenters for academic dishonesty.  It is reasonable to expect an uptick of cases from our Business program.  Thus far, the Business program has been very proactive in seeking the  advice of the AJC.  I think it would be helpful for this collaboration to continue in a more formal manner.
Journalism:  I do not think it will be news to anyone that journalism as a profession has a problem with plagiarism, data fabrication, and others of the same sorts of issues with which we deal in the AJC.  I think it makes sense for the Journalism Program faculty to be formally represented on the AJC.
Athletics: Over the last years we have had an excellent liason with Athletics thanks to Maria Anderson (formerly Doelger) and Terry Tiso, a former AJC member.  With Maria's departure, the thought is that we might profit from having a more formal representative for Athletics, rather than just having Athletics being one of the several constituencies represented by our Arts and Humanities members.  I support this recommendation mainly because it is my impression that the strong lines of communication we have had between the AJC and the Athletics Department are a major factor in the fact that student-athletes at Stony Brook are NOT over-represented among students in AJC cases.
I have thus far received about a half-dozen votes, all in favor of this proposal.  I urge the CAS Senate Executive Committee to recommend this change to the permanent membership of the AJC.

Next AJC Chair
Having now served as AJC Chair for six terms, I think it now time for the committee to have someone else take the lead.  In Fall 2006, I shall be on sabbatical leave and will be unable to serve as AJC Chair.  Though I shall be traveling to East Africa for part of my sabbatical, I will be here at USB for much of the time, and thus available to consult with the new Academic Integrity Officer and the next AJC Chair and ease their transitions into these positions of responsibility.