Report of the Academic Judiciary Committee to the College of Arts and Sciences Senate

Submitted by John Shea, Chair, and Maria Doelger, Executive Officer, CAS Senate Academic Judiciary

Summary of Cases Brought to the Academic Judiciary 2003-2004 (as of Friday, October 29, at 3:00pm).

203 accusations were reported in the College of Arts & Sciences and Marine Sciences to the AJC during the 2003-2004 academic year.  While this is down from the high of 258 the previous year, it is the second highest number overall.  Appeals were up to a full 40% of accusations (80 appeals were filed), as opposed to the recent average of 25-30%.  Of the cases which were brought before a hearing board, 53 resulted in a guilty finding, 12 resulted in a not guilty finding, and 15 cases are still awaiting hearings as of 10/27/04. [There is also 1 case pending from 02-03.  The student is out of the country.]  There were a record number of accusations (23) involving students accused of multiple instances of dishonesty.  15 cases resulted in suspension and 4 resulted in expulsion.

A breakdown of the types of offenses:

Internet Plagiarism






Print Plagiarism


Falsification/Fabrication of Data


Crib Sheet


Cell Phone






Same Paper Submitted


2003-2004 Executive Officer Activities

  • Efforts to educate students regarding academic integrity issues over the past year have included presentations to student groups, TA training sessions, varsity athletic teams, and SBU 101 sections.
  • Stony Brook faculty and students participated in a survey regarding their attitudes and behaviors regarding academic dishonesty and the results were presented to the Chairs’ Forum last May.
  • Training module on academic dishonesty policies and procedures was created for 101 seminar instructors.