A&S Senate
President Report
April 25th, 2011

Submitted by Eduardo Mendieta, President

  1. I have attended all the meetings of the Executive Committee of the University Senate
  2. I have attended additional meetings with the Administration when EC meeting times have not worked for all of us.
  3. I continued to be fully engaged with the PTC
  4. I have met with the EC of the A&S to set the agenda for our meetings. And consulted with them over e-mail on a variety of issues.
  5. I have scheduled the presentations that have been made before the Senate by the different Deans, or interim Deans.
  6. I have requested from Laurie that we have all the A&S Senate Resolutions on Line on our web page. These resolutions are our collective voice and they are public statements that carry our forceful voice.
  7. I have had to arbitrate an exchange between the administration and the CC concerning proposed changes to the DEC.
  8. I have also drafted questions to the Dean and Academic Units that submitted and intent to merge, i.e. WaGS and CLSC. This will be presented and discussed on April 25th.
  9. I participated on the Provost’s committee to analyze possible program deactivations. As member of the committee, I drafted the first take of a document that lays out the criteria for discussion and consideration of such plans. The document is in the hands of the University Senate.