Seawulf Cluster Tutorials

The greatest resource for our Seawulf Cluster lies in the members of our Management Committee and staff who have extensive experience in all aspects of high performance computing. Please contact our Operations Staff at for guidance if you need help getting started.

Local Support:

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Valgrind - Tutorial by Brian Fix, AMS Graduate Student

Automake - Tutorial by Ryan Kaufman, AMS Graduate Student

Instruction on using Quantum Espresso and NRLMOL

Introduction to parallel programming
Introduction to Level Set method
Version control with Mercurial and CVS
Introduction to C Programming
Interactive UNIX Tutorial
GNU make
Text editors: Emacs and Vi
Archiving data
Message Passing Interface (MPI)
Maple Intro

External Resources:

The following websites may also provide useful information.

SciDAC Tutorials Workshop: Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing Program (SciDAC)

IBM Blue Gene

Argonne National Laboratory BG/L System

National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center

Cornell Theory Center, Cornell University

2005 annual report for the Japanese supercomputer (the "Earth Simulator")

SP-XXL: The user group for large IBM installations.

Ohio Supercomputing Center: has created podcasts on High Performance Computing at OSC: An Overview and Introduction to the Unix Programming Environment for Scientists and Engineers