Applying for a Seawulf Cluster account


Seawulf is intended for learning, debugging, and middle sized computations in the world of supercomputing. Accounts will be awarded to Stony Brook University faculty or to Stony Brook graduate students with a faculty advisor who agrees to sponsor their application. If graduate students, the faculty advisor should complete the application.

We assume that faculty and students have access to single processor machines and for this reason, access to Seawulf will be limited to larger projects for which this level of computing is not sufficient.

Particularly large requests for resources or requests from users who have large computational programs will be better served by the NYCCS supercomputer and so these users are discouraged from applying for a Seawulf account.


Guidelines for Preparing a Proposal for the Seawulf Cluster.

Once you review the guidelines you may apply for an account here.

Completing your project:

Projects supported by the Stony Brook Seawulf Cluster must provide a two-page summary of the principal Academic Year 2006-2007 accomplishments and goals (scientific research, enabling research, software tools, computer and network operations, etc.) of the project. This progress report will be required upon completion of the project or upon application for renewal or for additional resources, or with a due date of July 1st, 2007. Projects may submit more than one accomplishment. All submittals, when collated, will form the basis for a report of the Academic Year 2006-2007 accomplishments of the cluster. This report will be placed on the cluster home page. This information will also be source material for “highlights” in our budget documents.

An example format for accomplishments has been created in here in pdf (seawulf-accomplishments-template.pdf) or as a word file (below).