SEAWULF ClusterWelcome to the Seawulf Cluster located in the CEWIT building Room 143. The Seawulf Cluster is devoted to providing computational resources and expertise for basic scientific research to the faculty and students of Stony Brook University.

The Seawulf Cluster is a custom-built 470-processor Linux Cluster. The cluster uses 3.4GHz Intel Pentium IV Xeon CPUs interconnected with Gigabit Ethernet. The data are stored on five IDE RAID storage systems, with a total of 20TB of high speed disk space.

If you do not use supercomputers, do not have an account for supercomputer usage at a national center, we encourage you to complete the application. Skilled users and their students are also invited to share their expertise in supercomputing with those who are less familiar with this technology.

Ribbon cuttingThe Seawulf Cluster will have specifically arranged tutorial sessions, open to all students and faculty, computationally oriented courses open for graduate credits. The possibility of formal collaboration on papers or research proposals may be available. Users who want to experiment with the equipment or evaluate the performance of their codes may also apply for usage.

(Pictured from left to right: Yuefan Deng, Daniel Bluestein, Brent Lindquist, Brian Colle, CEAS DeanYacov Shamash, James Glimm, Assemblyman Steven Englebright, Provost Robert McGrath, Doug Swesty, Philip Allen, Carlos Simmerling, John Chen)

*The name Seawulf is an amalgam of the Stony Brook University mascot name Seawolf and the traditional name Beowulf for a Linux cluster computer.