A Message to the Campus Community on Traffic Safety

All who live and work at Stony Brook must be afforded the highest possible level of safety and security, on our roads as elsewhere.

Over the past decade, Stony Brook University has undergone a period of rapid growth; our infrastructure of roads and pedestrian facilities has consequently come under increasing pressure. In response, many improvements have been implemented. The tragic death of one of our undergraduate students in a traffic accident toward the end of 2005 reinforced the urgent nature of these initiatives.

We are committed to implement any measures necessary to ensure the well-being of our community. To that end, campus authorities have been studying ways to identify and remedy any problems that remain in our traffic system.

In recent months, the University has:

  • Completely reconstructed the main entrance to the University from Nicolls Road, installing traffic lights and new streetlights;
  • Worked with the Town of Brookhaven and Suffolk County Highway Department to upgrade the traffic lights at the campus entrances from Nicolls Road and to plan a reconfiguration of the intersections adjacent to our property;
  • Added additional signage at each stop sign on campus;
  • Established a patrol detail of Campus Police for the crosswalks on Circle Road;
  • Repainted all crosswalks on campus;
  • Ordered sandwich boards to be used on crosswalks;
  • Ordered additional radar activated, vehicle speed display units to be installed on campus;
  • Strengthened the enforcement of speed limits by Campus Police.

Further measures now in progress include:

  • Traffic slowing strategies throughout our system;
  • A study to determine where further traffic lights are necessary, and subsequent installation of such lights;
  • Educational programs for both residential and commuter students;
  • The establishment of a Web site, linked to SOLAR and Blackboard, to encourage road safety and keep the community informed of new measures;
  • The production of posters and informational handouts to educate our community about road safety.

The University has retained the services of an engineering firm to recommend improvements to our traffic system. Traffic safety is of the highest priority, and a concern for all. Stony Brook University will do everything necessary to enhance the efficiency and security of the roads we share.